Beagle Freedom Project Brings Message of Cruelty-Free to the 2014 Charlotte Pet Expo

The public is invited to bring their pets to this FREE, indoor and air conditioned event at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo to learn, shop, play and adopt

Online PR News – 23-May-2014 – Charlotte, NC – The Beagle Freedom Project, an organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Beagles used for lab testing, will be represented at the 2014 Charlotte Pet Expo on Saturday, May 31st from 10AM to 6PM at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. This year’s Charlotte Pet Expo is expected to attract nearly 12,000 pet lovers (and their closest pet pals) - and even though this annual event might be dubbed “The Ultimate Pet Party,” pet expo attendees should know that pets aren’t always treated as family.

“I became involved because I have a beagle of my own,” says Sue Donavan, who will be at the 2014 Charlotte Pet Expo with The Beagle Freedom Project, “That and just knowing that animal testing is still an issue. When I tell people that animal testing is being done in this day and age, they are shocked.”

Ever since Snoopy graced the daily funnies, Beagles have been a popular pet among families because of their docile and peace-loving natures. Unfortunately, it’s because of these same traits that they are used for animal-testing across the country. Beagles adapt well to cages, according to researchers, and they are inexpensive to feed. Unfortunately, these animals are rarely adopted out to families after their time at the lab is done – more often than not, they are euthanized.

The Beagle Freedom Bill (SF2068, HF1370) proposes that tax-payer funded labs be required to offer up the animals used for testing to rescue organizations that can rehabilitate and adopt them out. The Bill was proposed by the Beagle Freedom Project and is currently in Minnesota; however, the organization hopes to spread it across the nation.

While the Bill is out of state, there are other ways to help the organization and the Beagles. Donavan specifies using cruelty-free products, because the less demand there is, the less the dogs will be experimented on. “There are a number of cruelty-free products people can by, and they don’t need to drive out to a specialty store for them. They can find them right at their local grocery store or discount retail stores.”

The 2014 Charlotte Pet Expo will take place on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 from 10am to 6pm, at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. This FREE, indoor and air-conditioned event will attract more than 12,000 attendees along with their furry, feathered and reptilian pals who are looking to enjoy a new and one-of-a-kind experience where all pets are welcome. All well-behaved pets can attend, as long as they’re on a fixed lead (or in a carrier) and have proof of age-appropriate rabies vaccines.

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