launches line of natural weight loss teas fused with superfoods

Online retailer of healthy teas launches tea/superfood hybrid line

Online PR News – 23-May-2014 – Houston, TX – It looks likes tea, brews like tea, and tastes like tea but to call it “tea” doesn’t quite do it justice. Ripped Tea’s newly released Thermogenic Tea Blend and Caffeine Free Detox Blend combine traditional teas with superfoods like organic ginger root, wild lettuce, and gotu kola.

“We felt like there was something missing in the tea and nutritional supplement industries. Our vision is to combine the best ingredients for weight loss and general health in the most unadulterated, minimally processed form possible,” says Maria LaGuerta, Marketing and Communications Director for the e-commerce retailer.

“Consumers are demanding higher quality ingredients without artificial additives and over-processing. Our work with nutritional supplement companies and customers has paved a clear path for us: we have gone back to the beginning of the manufacturing process before ingredients get damaged, heated, and destroyed. The loose-leaf tea form allows us to combine traditional teas with whole herbs and superfoods without the limitations of traditional tea bags, energy drinks, or supplement pills.”

While Ripped Tea promotes its superfood-teas as beneficial for energy levels, detoxifying the body, and supporting immune function, LaGuerta was quick to point out that these statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A.

“Most of the ingredients we use have been trusted for thousands of years – yerba mate, cloves, holy basil, and so on. So we don’t feel the need to make claims about their health-promoting properties. What makes our products unique is the way we preserve the integrity of our ingredients, and the way we have combined them into great tasting teas,” said LaGuerta. is based in Houston, TX with remote offices in Arlington, VA and Clearwater, FL. For more information regarding Ripped Tea, visit

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