Hugsfactory Launches High Fashion Baby Furnishings and Textiles

Hugsfactory is pleased to introduce the first ever line of luxurious and planet friendly furnishings and fashions for baby by Italian artisan designers.

Online PR News – 23-May-2014 – Italy, May 19th , 2014 – Hugsfactory is thrilled to announce a brand new line of luxury baby furnishing and textiles. These lines include the height of fashionable nursery, bath, and travel niceties and necessities. Created with natural, organic materials in order to offer the ultimate in healthy pampering for baby, every product line is created to make life with baby fashionable and easy. Everything parents need to care for their new addition to the family is artisan crafted. These product lines are 100% Italian designs created in Hugsfactory owned Italian factories.

Kabir Ahmed, CEO, comments, “Our goal in creating the Hugsfactory line of baby furnishing and textiles was to offer luxurious alternatives to genderdized themes and stylings. Our diverse range of products accomplishes that along with giving parents the peace of mind that baby will be embraced in the healthiest of environments. This, along with the most fashionable designs, results in product lines that are irresistible in every way.”

Hugsfactory uses the most stringent quality control methods. This assures that each fine baby furnishing and textile meets or exceeds standardized safety and quality guidelines. Only non-toxic materials are used, along with the most definitive infant and baby safety consideration available. This includes wall mounting capability for wardrobes and stable designs for drawers, changing tables and other furnishings.

The natural wood furnishings and organic cotton and linen textiles produced by Hugsfactory are considered works of art due to the detailed craftsmanship of each item. Products are uniquely adorned with subtle tattoo inspired designs that complement the furnishings seamlessly. Because of this, these product lines are rapidly cementing a place in the UK market. Large retailers have added the Hugsfactory baby furnishings and textiles to their inventory. Currently, Hugsfactory seeks relations with other fine retailers and boutiques to expand their availability.

Florian Suceava, Group Chairman, said, “We are currently looking forward to meeting children’s fashion boutique stores at Bubble London. Our innovative approach to baby fashions will create a new demand for versatile, easy to care for, high luxury items.”

About Hugsfactory: As proud parents themselves, the founders of Hugsfactory discovered a lack of planet friendly, quality, fashionable baby items. Their desire to offer nothing other than the very finest to their own growing family led to Hugsfactory being born. All natural materials are artisan crafted in Italy for style, luxury and safety.