Media Strategist-Tactician Stan Friedman Wins PRWeek 2014 Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year

Pivotal Communications’ Stan Friedman won PRWeek Awards 2014 "Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year" for Sabra Dipping Company on behalf of Seymour PR

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – San Francisco, CA – Brand and issue profiler Friedman positioned hummus as “America’s new peanut butter”, turning the narrative into compelling cultural commentaries, and igniting prominent national and international business media coverage from the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg Television, BBC News and CNBC-TV, among others.

“Impressive use of research drove unprecedented coverage in a non-traditional category,” explained one PR Week judge. “This campaign cleverly knitted together corporate brand, product positioning, and research,” offered another judge.


Hummus category leader Sabra, a PepsiCo and Strauss International joint venture, seeks to initiate Wall Street profile. Its aspirations are not defined. Its core product, a Mediterranean food staple consumed primarily on the Coasts, must drive growth narrative. It’s imperative to create strategic intersection for both.

Aspiration: For several years, main ingredient, the chickpea, exponentially adds acreage and yield to meet homegrown demand in various states. An obscure crop appears to turn into a major commodity right under the market’s nose, fueling huge growth opportunities at stated goal of 1% HHP annual increase. The “gradual, steady growth” aspiration equation mirrors every American household food staple. Only peanut butter has traveled this mainstream road in the last century.

Growth: Illustrate growing shelf presence in the supermarket deli, annual 20% sales revenue increases, striking a sponsorship deal with the NFL, inaugurating the opening of a chickpea agricultural research center, and increasing market share by wedging in salsa, guacamole & vegetable dips. Welcome to “old school” brand building.

Sabra, now positioned as a future U.S. refrigerator regular, gains recognition as an emergent mid-size innovator with $1 billion revenue potential within five years---and identified as the brand that will mainstream the chickpea onto every American table. Just like peanut butter.

The campaign secured half-a-billion web impressions and a 7.33% sales spike for Sabra, the hummus leader in the refrigerated dips-and-spreads category.

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