n-Tier Goes Live With Its State of the Art Control Center For Data Warehouses

Ensuring the completeness and accuracy of your data warehouse can be very difficult. N-Tier addresses that problem comprehensively at a reasonable cost.

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – May 21, 2014 New York – Problem: For data warehouses with daily feeds, controlling the feed process and the quality of the data being delivered is a very difficult undertaking. For most data ware house installations, it is not possible:

• to know that every feed has been delivered,
• to receive an indication of whether the record size is consistent with average deliveries
• to understand the quality of the data being delivered

For data warehouses supporting regulatory compliance or profit and loss determination, not receiving complete and accurate information every day can have serious consequences.

"This has been one of our most successful product releases with strong interest from clients across all industry segments wanting to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their data warehouses." Geoff Love, n-Tier's Head of Business Development.

n-Tier Platform Benefits: n-Tier's data management platform enables Clients to actively manage the quality of the data flowing into their warehouse.
Using the n-Tier data management platform’s wide range of functionality, a highly effective control and monitoring capability can be established over the data in your warehouse. Through configuration you can establish the following control environment:

• Real time monitoring on the delivery of each contributing feed through a dashboard.
• Provide metrics on the number of records received from each feed to enable the detection of outliers
• Validation of the individual records received based on user designed validations with reporting on each error type on a dashboard with drill down capability to the defective transactions.
• Data ownership model that can be assigned to the field level of each record
• Exception handling capability on validation errors with automatic emails being sent to the data owners.
• Quickly identify data delivery and quality problems with supporting detail greatly expediting the business analysis process.

Implementation and Usage: The platform provides the ability to establish control over any number of feeds from any number of systems in any format into your Data Warehouse. Since the n-Tier platform can manage any type of data without custom programming and can connect to any data source through a rules based interface, implementation is completed in a number of weeks. Also implementation can be started incrementally with a sub set of the feeds to achieve immediate results. The n-Tier platform also has a flexible reporting capability that enables users to generate custom reports on the data control process.

By using the n-Tier platform you can future proof your control functions by enabling the addition or deletion of feeds through user configuration as well as the addition, refinement or elimination of any validation control or report.

Why n-Tier? : There is no other platform on the market that combines ETL, data normalization, data validation, complex reconciliation, reporting and secure distribution. By having those functions seamlessly integrated into the n-Tier platform our clients are able to fast track their data warehouse control implementations. In addition, a core n-Tier design principal is to enable our business users to configure their data warehouse control centers sharply reducing implementation cost and operating expense. Finally, the n-Tier platform has been aggressively performance tuned to enable the processing of large amounts of data in very short time periods.

About n-Tier F.S.
n-Tier provides industry-leading software to some of today's most challenging and pervasive data and content management problems. Our clients range from global industry-leaders to small and mid-sized businesses all benefiting from tailored solutions with a low cost of ownership and quick implementation. Our technology is specially designed for easy configuration with minimal impact on IT resources and infrastructure. Providing configurable workflow components our platform delivers the ideal balance of flexibility and control needed to implement a full range of client and non-client facing self-service solutions. Additional information is available at www.ntierfs.com

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