Rehab Orthopedic Medicine Announces Multiple PT Options

Rehab Orthopedic Medicine, a physical therapy facility at the forefront non-surgical treatment, offers patients 12 customized physical therapy options.

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – Decatur, GA – Not only does a weak lumbar spine need different treatment than stiff joints; but, two people with the same issue don’t always respond the same to similar treatment. In response to that recognized need, Rehab Orthopedic Medicine is giving patients numerous treatments options. The goal is to be able to present a treatment plan that not only accounts for the best expected outcome based on research, but also for the patient’s own physical response to certain therapies as well as their comfort.

Physical therapy has many goals. It is useful to strengthen, stretch, mobilize or reduce pain. Sometimes, it does all of the above. In order to accomplish so many things, Rehab Orthopedic Medicine is excited to offer the following therapies:

1. State-of-the-Art Med-X Rehabilitative Machines
2. Manual Therapy
3. Special Supervised Exercises
4. Back to School Education
5. Interferential Stimulation
6. Diathermy
7. Ultrasound
8. Intersegmental Traction
9. Electronic Muscle Stimulation
10. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Post-Knee Arthroscopy Protocols
11. Gait Training
12. Therapeutic Home Exercise Programs

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore an individual to full and painless function. That can sometimes take weeks, months or even years. In order to get the best outcome in the shortest period of time, it is important to work with good therapists with the right tools. By having so many options in their bag of treatments, Rehab Orthopedic Medicine sets themselves apart in their industry.

Patients are excited about having so choices when it comes to recovering from injuries, accidents and chronic pain. But, the state-of-the-art care doesn’t stop there. They are also provided with training in ergonomics, proper body mechanics, pelvic stabilization, and joint protection principles to prevent additional injury in the future. That’s the benefit of working with a facility that has the most modern equipment available today!

Rehab Orthopedic Medicine is a medical, non-surgical orthopedic practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of neck, back, muscle, bone, joint, and nerve disorders. They specialize in the treatment of orthopedic injuries from any type of trauma, as well as non-injury-related pain such as chronic lower back pain and knee pain. They use conservative treatment, without surgery, with the goal of relieving pain and restoring lost function as quickly as possible.