Java API to Convert EML to MSG and MHTML

The new release of Aspose.Email for Java provides the option to avoid printing the extra print header.

Online PR News – 20-May-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – The latest version of Aspose.Email for Java 4.1.0 has been released. This release not only fixes the issues that our customers reported for the previous version, but also include a number of enhancements as well. The Aspose.Email API provides the capability to convert email messages to MHTML for a while. In some messages, however, an extra “From” field is displayed in the converted MHTML file due to the internal message specifications. Though this has been part of the conversion since the very beginning, users may not require it and want to avoid it.

This release provides the option to avoid printing the extra print header with the help of MhtFormatOptions and MailMessageSaveOptions enumerator. This release also fixes a number of bugs as reported by our customers for the last version of Aspose.Email for Java.

Fixing of these issues brings further improvements to areas of the API such as message conversion between various formats such as EML to MSG and MHTML, encoding issues during conversion of messages, messages addition to Personal Storage (PST) files, Message attachments, Rich Text Format (RTF) compression algorithm and more. In additional to these bug fixes, this release also resolves a number of reported exceptions, for example, during email reading, VCard loading and OST to PST conversion.

The main improved features & bug fixes added in this release are listed below:

• Implement Rich Text Format (RTF) Compression Algorithm
• Appointment created using AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString() becomes un-supported on receiving end is now fixed
• Exception is resolved for adding EML to PST
• Sent date shown for Draft mail is now fixed, when added to PST (.NET)
• MSG to MHTML: Unwanted information displayed on top is now fixed
• Email to MHTML: Unwanted Information on top of output is now fixed
• "On Behalf of" displayed in Sent Items while sending Aspose.Email's saved Draft Message
• MHTML to EML - inline images issue is fixed for Outlook shows as attachment.
• Wrong Sent date rendered in Printouts and Preview for draft mails (.NET) is fixed
• Attachments are now detected in MailMessage

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Email for Java documentation that may guide users briefly how to use Aspose.Email for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Show-Hide Extra Print Headers:

- Customizing Email Headers:

Overview: Aspose.Email for Java

Aspose.Email for Java is a Non-Graphical Java component that enables Java applications to read andwrite MS Outlook MSG files from within a Java application without using MS Outlook. It enables developers to create new MSG file from scratch, update an existing MSG file, read Outlook MSG file & get its properties like subject, body, recipients in to, cc and bcc, adding or removing attachment, sender information & MAPI properties. Aspose.Email can be used with Web as well as Desktop Application.

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