The Next Generation of Sleeping Better Technology Released to the Public

Recent studies show the destructive impact of insomnia can be overcome with aligning support of the spine and temperature comfort in bed.

Online PR News – 19-May-2014 – New York, New York – The current sleep statistics are alarming. Over 50% of all Americans don’t get the sleep they need and suffer from insomnia. What does this lack of sleep cause?

According to Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler of the insomniacs immune systems can break down:

“During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines. Other health implications that lacking comfortable sleep contribute to include reduced workplace productivity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increases in automobile accidents, and mental health complications."

Among a number of factors the majority of those in a recent survey cited temperature and overall back comfort as major contributors to overcoming insomnia. Temperature specifically highlighted as when sleepers get too hot they tend to awaken often resulting in contorted positions that lack proper spinal support to stay cooler in bed.

This has been exasperated by the memory foam mattress craze led by Tempur-Pedic™ in the last 35 years and since has been diluted by overseas cheap memory foam imports tempurpedic knock-offs found at discount centers nationwide.

Independent testing show gel infused memory foam, not to be confused with the lesser 'gel beading' or 'gel chunk', sleeps up to 4 degrees cooler than conventional memory foam. Gel Mattress technology is talked about frequently in the mattress industry but is just making it's way to the public.

American mattress manufacturer Restava Luxury Mattresses recently launched a new website,, that has empowered consumers to procure 100% gel infused Memory Foam Mattresses. Restava’s Director of Marketing, Sophie Rothschild, shared the collaboration that resulted in this technology being released to the public.

“We researched the biggest challenges to getting a good sleep and wrapped it in a beautiful package. The re-vamp of our manufacturing and supplier quality process has allowed us to bring Gel Foam Mattress technology to the public at a value unseen before today. We offer a simple comparison tool to help consumers make the best decision for their personal needs on our website."

Restava Luxury Mattresses is an American mattress company founded on the principle of bringing consumers the most advanced sleeping technology in a luxurious package. Now in the hands of the 4th generation Restava is a family business. Visit to learn more.

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