Debt Settlement Assistance for Ameriplan Independent Business Owners

Ameriplan independent business owners are now being offered a discount on a debt settlement assistance program to help cut down debt and repair credit.

Online PR News – 17-March-2009 – – Over the last 20 years, Americans have accumulated a large amount of debt. The United States owes 4 times more than every man and woman produces in a year, and the average household has over $12,000 in credit card debt alone. To help with this overwhelming problem, ameriplan has announced it’s teaming up with Halo Group Consulting Inc. to offer debt planning assistance to their independent business owners.

With many people looking to reduce the amount of debt they have; these tools are targeted at debt counseling and credit repair. A free consultation will determine the level of help they can provide; then they can usually negotiate to reduce payments and interest.

“Everyone is thinking about getting their finances in order with all the problems in the economy. I wasn’t sure where to turn before, but now I can get some help with the details,” says Frank Menkal; an Ameriplan independent business owner.

Solving this problem alone has become very difficult for most people because they now owe more each month than they make. Living with high debt will ruin a person’s credit score and that will make everything else harder. Employers, banks, auto insurance and many other people now check credit reports to determine who they will work with.

One in twelve Americans now face bankruptcy and foreclosure without any real help or advice on how to deal with these problems. Halo Group Consulting Inc. also offers services in this area that may even help prevent them from happening in the first place.

Ameriplan is a seventeen year old company that offers discount health and dental programs to members. Anyone who wants to build an income can become an ameriplan IBO (independent business owner) for a small fee per month and collect residual income from the members they personally sign up. IBOs also have a list of benefits available to them from partner companies including the new debt settlement assistance.

The debt planning, credit repair, bankruptcy and foreclosure services are offered together to the general public for $99 but Ameriplan IBOs will get the same package for $29. The initial consultation is free and a counselor will be able to tell what kind of help is needed for the individual situation. After a plan has been established and the fee paid, the IBO will have a real person to help walk them through the process.

Ameriplan currently has 5 discount programs available and in the near future they will introduce 2 new programs available to the general public. One is another discount health program that includes vision and hearing, and the other is a package of programs that include identity theft assistance and auto club.

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