TIME-LAPSE, new album by Lynch Kingsley between jungle and footwork music

Beat Machine Records is happy to announce TIME-LAPSE, debut album of Lynch Kingsley, emergent electronic music producer.

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – May, 19 - 2014 / Milan, Italy – The album is now available in CD and digital format:
Time-Lapse is characterized by reverberated voices lost in frenzy beats (I've Never Known You) and sound patterns that recreate an atmosphere reminiscent of "Timeless" by Goldie, embracing a game of dissonances (taking it to the extreme in "Eternal" where there is a beautiful featuring with Nefer, but mainly in "Feel Me Now"). The album is a meeting point between the jungle sounds of the 90s, the juke / footwork early 2000, and the electronic sounds of the present days.

The closure of the album is entrusted to two remixes:
"Feel Me Now" of the Italian producer Go Dugong that makes it a version almost "romantic" by refocusing the children's choir (only "whispered" in the original version) and alternating notes of piano;
"Eternal", remixed in the personal style of the beatmaker from Uk, SertOne, which makes it a perfect closing track, where the voice of Nefer reminiscent of the legendary singing of the Odyssey's Sirens, an irresistible and sensual attraction.

The graphics handled by the design studio "Nucco Brain", highlights the encounter of different ages' sounds characterizing the album. Both for the background, that passes from a seamless Greek-Roman era to a science-fiction future, as for the characters representing the ghosts of the past and of the future walking toward each other and that can only look at each other but not touch because of their non-materiality.

Artist: Lynch Kingsley
Title: Time-Lapse
Genre: Footwork, Jungle, Electronic
Remixers: Go Dugong – SertOne
Catalog-No: bmr006
Format: Digital / CD
Disc Duration: 53:09:43

1. Iʼve Never Known You
2. Eternal (feat. Nefer)

3. ArmsUp
4. Enchained
5. My Last Breath
6. Feel Me Now
7. Hidden Light (feat. Imperial Sand)

8. Feel Me Now (Go Dugong Rmx)
9. Eternal (SertOne Rmx)