SuperCoder Introduces ICD-10 Solutions Aimed at Helping Physicians Tap Delay Time

“Highly customized ICD-10-CM datasets, charts, newsletters, eLearning and online tools for physicians.”

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – Durham/NC – SuperCoder is helping healthcare organizations across the country tap possibilities related to ICD-10 compliance delay. By putting into use exhaustive guidance and tools from SuperCoder, physicians are making best use of the delay time to get ready for the massive transition on October 1, 2015.

SuperCoder is keeping up with industry requirements and updating regularly to help physicians get ready for ICD-10 transition. The goal is to help those providers who haven’t started their ICD-10 preparation, and even those who have, to reap the benefits of ICD-10. The delay in compliance date also offers testing opportunities for physicians so that all systems are in place before the switchover.

Physicians are facing challenges in ICD-10 implementation such:

• Maintaining specificity in documentation and code observations.
• Updating technology and software along with form revision to ensure specificity of the new code set can be matched.
• Working with coders to update the right coding methods.
• Establishing coordination between coding and IT departments for effective transition.
• Hiring well-trained and certified coders because of complexities in coding.
• Monitoring the impact on these areas: personnel: staff, providers, claims, reimbursement, denials

To help physicians address these transition challenges, more specifically coding, documentation and reimbursement issues, SuperCoder is offering these resources targeted at their specific ICD-10 needs:

• Highly Customized ICD-10-CM Mapping for Providers: Reviews ICD-9-CM codes you currently use and match them to the correct ICD-10-CM codes, all customized for your practice. You’ll receive a new ICD-10-CM super bill or list of ICD-10-CM codes for your specialty’s commonly treated conditions.
• Developer-friendly ICD-10-CM Datasets: Covers latest released 2014 ICD-10-CM code set including actual, complete and authentic codes. ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM mapping based on GEMs. Can be integrated into your billing software or practice management systems.
• ICD-10-CM Charts for 30 Specialties: Covers complete specialty-specific codes with all the ICD-10-CM code options for the common word terms physicians use.
• ICD-10 Newsletter: Covers monthly ICD-10 updates, guidelines, code usage and reimbursement advice from AHIMA ICD-10 trainers to help physicians and staff understand the rules for code selection and sequencing and the documentation specificity required.
• ICD-10-CM eLearning: Provides online lessons on ICD-10 fundamentals, documentation tips, clinical lessons, superbill advice, term-to-code explanations, top 40-50 ICD-9 codes for each specialty, anatomy, and ICD-10 examples.
• ICD-10-CM Online Tools: Complete ICD-10-CM code search with ICD-9 code, complete online index and tables, official guidelines, color-coded excludes notes with each code.
• ICD-10 Crosswalk: Mapper based on GEMs to help your staff easily crosswalk between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes.

SuperCoder, an online reservoir of online coding, billing and compliance resources, has a dedicated team of AHIMA ICD-10 instructors. The experienced coders, billers and editors in the team have been helping physicians boost their revenue with all encompassing tools and resources. To know more about these ICD-10 resources, go to: