Octane Announces Introduction of SMS Campaigns for Email Marketing Services

Octane introduces the medium of SMS campaigns as part of its email marketing services for propagating their client’s business in the true sense and increasing awareness about the brand.

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – New Delhi/Delhi – Octane, an email marketing company introduces the use of SMS campaigns for increasing awareness about client’s brand and company. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had limited the number message communication which would eradicate spam however the idea was received with mix emotions as business owners were no longer able to communicate effectively with the limitations placed on them. The email marketing services of Octane included the use of SMS without being included in the spam list with its permission based marketing. The company understands the utility of using mobile marketing technique to propagate their client’s business. People tend to get increased engagement through SMS for getting your message across. Interactivity is enhanced through the use SMS as people tend to look at their mobile phones for leisure activities and laptops for serious work.

Targeted advertising can be conducted easily through the medium of mobiles as its location specific. Customers can target their audience according to their geographical location and thereby communicate exciting promotional schemes for them. Subscribed users can take advantage of mobile marketing as part of their everyday feed. This email marketing company employs a secured way to promote the campaigns of clients with the channel of permission based marketing. Marketers can acquire knowledge about the detailed number of recipients, messages delivered, pending and total number of messages that are expired. Thus business owners can keep a check on the return on investment through this technique.

The trick to create innovative and engaging mobile campaign is: Firstly, create interactive banners. If a customer is able to connect to the banner he would definitely read the ad received by him. A dynamic campaign can get an enhanced response from the prospective customer thereby resulting in successful campaigning. Secondly, try to lure the interest of the customer by bringing eye catching content for their campaign. Business owners understand the relevance of employing email marketing services that yield results and Octane promises its customers a great response after the approval of campaign by their client. The firm believes in progress and extends the medium of progress through its email marketing services.