Banckle Helpdesk Plugin for Wordpress Websites to Insert Ticket Capture Form

Banckle now provides Help desk plugin for WordPress websites to insert ticket capture form and capture visitors query or issues which will go straight to Banckle.Helpdesk account so you will not miss any issue from user.

Online PR News – 21-May-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle provides a simple customer support help desk software which works as web based ticketing management system , allows its users to perform many help desk functions such as creating collaborative team inbox, allows all team members to be on the same page with consolidated email communication and many more.

Banckle has now released Help Desk plugin for WordPress websites which will integrate your Banckle.Helpdesk account to your Wordpress websites and will allow you to add ticket capture form on your WordPress website to capture visitors query or issue which will go straight to your Banckle.Helpdesk account so that you will never miss query or an issue submitted by your user.

You can create ticket capture from your Banckle.Helpdesk, and then use a widget code to insert the form into your pages/posts by using the widget that comes with the plugin.

You can download Banckle.Helpdesk plugin from here:

You can add ticket capture form on your WordPress website using Banckle.Helpdesk App by following the steps given below:

1. Login to your Banckle Account. You can create new Banckle account from here:
2. Go to Banckle.Helpdesk App from your Dashboard
3. Click on the Settings option from the left navigation panel.
4. Select Capture Forms tab.
5. Click on Add New Capture Form option to add a new help ticket capture form.
6. In Create New Capture Form screen, enter desired values for Display Name and Form Caption fields. Display Name is the name of your form and Form Caption is your form title.
7. Select the user you wish to assign help tickets automatically in Assign To field.
8. Click the Create button to finish creating your ticket capture form.
9. After successful form creation, you are taken to the list of available forms. Click on the newly created form to go to Edit Capture Form screen.
10. Copy the script code in Embed Code field and paste it into tags of your webpage source HTML to view the ticket capture form on your website.

Overview: Banckle.Helpdesk

Banckle Helpdesk automatically creates support tickets for all the incoming email messages. You can also integrate and manage multiple mailboxes under one account. This helpdesk app organizes all the generated tickets under different mailboxes. You can also link Google Mail, POP3 and IMAP mailboxes using the mailbox wizard as well as organize incoming email workflows to a single helpdesk account. It offers platform and OS independence to the users and is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

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