Locating the newly launched Goodwood Residence Condo will be easy because the building is in the center of Bukit Timah area.

Goodwood Residence can be seen in one of the primary areas in Singapore. The condo is positioned at Bukit Timah area where few amenities are located along the area where the condo is built. Even though the building of the establishment needs few more years to finish, many are already pumped up about it.

Online PR News – 19-May-2014 – South Bend – One of the reasons why people are looking forward to own a unit in a Freehold Condo called Goodwood Residence is that the place can provide them comfort and sound living, away from the buzzing city. If you want to find somewhere to reside in where you can simply experience what it's like to rejuvenate one's self, then Goodwood Residence Condo is the very best option. Bukit Timah Road is Goodwood Residence Location. It is merely a short trip away from Orchard, an area where high-class busy shopping spots are located. For more appropriate Goodwood Residence address, please inquire from us today. If you want, you can also ask us about the Goodwood Residence Pricing. Encompassed by rich green landscapes, one can unwind and delight in a little walk. Goodwood Residence Launch was designed to be eco-friendly, and it is positioned in a location where going to other places in Singapore is easier due to nearby transport sites. With the eco characteristics of Goodwood Residence Condo, there's no doubt that you won't ever regret considering this area. Actually, Goodwood Residence was able to bag the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award. This will definitely be a good investment; hence, don't hesitate calling us about Goodwood Residence Pricing. Goodwood Residence Launch is situated in a 2.5-hectare land. It also has a 150-meter limit to the Goodwood Hill. Goodwood Hill is regarded as an irregularity found in Orchard-Scott, it has 20 hectares of Tree Conservation area and designated by the Singapore National Parks Board. The condo was designed by WOHA Architects and ICN Design International to come with an ergonomic and perfect fit to maintain the view of Goodwood Hill. Goodwood Residence made their building presentable and highly-secured so they can keep up with the anticipations of their customers. With Goodwood Residence Launch, you are sure to have a life of tranquility and elegance. It cannot be denied that Goodwood Residence Condo is one of the finest home developments in Singapore. You can browse their website and find out more about Goodwood Residence Location.goodwood residence pricing | goodwood residence launch