New Social Media Followers And Fans Provider Website Open To The Public

Nowadays finding new ways to market a business takes more than flyers and banners. Social media is present even at our dining tables and companies worldwide are more than ever seeking social media followers and fans providers to optimize their brand.

Online PR News – 18-May-2014 – May 18, 2014 – We all remember when several months ago a social media reseller website dedicated to 'sell Twitter followers' located in Central Florida, U.S.A exploited in popularity giving webmasters, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and internet marketers the opportunity to buy social media followers at wholesale prices. This site is AddTwitter-Followers.Com and every day, thousands of people visit this website, which is already known by the 'Big boys' as their strongest competitor.

Nowadays it is well known that everything is all about social engagement and those companies that don't communicate with their customers or potential future clients can be close to losing all their leads to their competitors. "We received many requests asking for other services and after hearing about our customers needs for more social media products and services from our company we decided to fully get on the boat of social media and created SocialMediaCombo.Net" said Susan Soltrelly, co-founder of AddTwitter-Followers.

There’s a tremendous cachet associated with having a large number of followers on social media

The new flourishing social media reseller website is already receiving over 200 orders daily from the different products they promote such as Pinterest followers, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and Facebook fans at wholesale prices.

These type of new social media optimization services are in growth and are already creating a giant buzz. Mr. Nainan, a comedian who was interviewed by the New York Times said that “There’s a tremendous cachet associated with having a large number of followers on social media”, adding later, “When people see that you have that many followers, they’re like: ‘Oh, my goodness, this guy is popular. I might want to book him.’ ”

When questioned about the importance of these type of social media services websites, Susan Soltrelly added that "The truth is that we know a lot of businessmen and women who after spending hours creating a nice and looking Facebook fan page some of them end up not even using it because they can't find a successful way to gather up fans or followers depending the case and so they lose a possible social media channel to drive traffic to their businesses or website, adding that some people don't even include their Facebook fanpage in their business cards because of the fear that when the client looks at their fanpage with less than 10 likes will run away to their competition. If you are struggling because you feel that no one takes your social media pages seriously, you might want to try Social Media".

Social Media is already impossible to ignore, especially when businesses worldwide are now depending on it to improve their visibility in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo SERP results. Furthermore, nowadays any business can buy Twitter followers for 5 dollar and buy Instagram followers packages from 500 up to 10,000 fans.

About Social Media Combo
Social Media Combo provides numerous media marketing services, including Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization. The brother website of AddTwitter-Followers which recently launched has wholesale packages on Pinterest followers, Youtube views, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans that helps small business owners become noticed on the most popular social media networking websites. To contact this social media followers and fans provider website about their different social media marketing campaigns, visit the page at and use their contact form.