God Toys - a new game by Anuloid Games

How did God create the world? By playing :)
Create the world by hands of God!

Online PR News – 19-May-2014 – Yerevan, Armenia – GOD TOYS - A new game for iOS and Android.

God created the world in 7 days. He did this with a great love and temptation knowing that all of this kindness, warm-heartedness and impetuous love will rule the whole world. And he succeeded delightfully.

God Toys recreates the full sequence of the origin of Universe and life on the Earth. Similarly, you get the chance to gradually create the world starting from the atom to the Sun, from the electron to the mountains and canyons.

Why “God Toys”? Because the creations of God can be perceived as toys in his hands in its best meaning. “God Toys” is an arcade game with a great dynamics and continuously updating levels. You will create a new unit of the Universe every single day. You are going to build the world by God hands and “colorful balls” and discover new useful information as well.

Before you download the application, please consider that God Toys contains social links, and offers in-app purchases for real money. You can remove ads and receive till 200 additional “Divine Eye” power-ups via in-app purchase.

Enjoy the game by creating the world as God did once!