Keyideas Offers A Unique Approach To Web Application Development Services

Businesses looking for a unique approach to web application development services need look no further than the services now offered by Keyideas, a web development company based in New Delhi, India.

Online PR News – 16-May-2014 – New Delhi, India – NEW DELHI, INDIA - Businesses looking for a unique approach to web application development services need look no further than the services now offered by Keyideas, a web development company based in New Delhi, India. Keyideas, under the direction of CEO, Shreyes Kejariwal, has developed a set of goals and guideline terms, referred to as “The Keyideas Difference” to operate under. These guidelines, goals, and strategies create a unique partnership between the company and each customer they work with.

The company has put The Keyideas Difference model into effect in order to differentiate Keyideas from the many other web application development companies out there. The model has 5 different points that, when taken as a whole, create an operating strategy that few other businesses can match. These 5 characteristics are embedded in the DNA of the company.

1. Respect and Dedication. Respect serves as the foundation of everything Keyideas does. The company treats every customer as one of their friends, respecting, understanding, and helping each and every one of them. Keyideas is dedicated to making certain every customer gets exactly what they want and need, on time and delivered under budget.

2. Precision and Care. The programmers and app developers work to precisely design and develop the apps each and every customer needs. Beyond that, the developers will answer every question and provide as much information as customers require. Keyideas will go the extra mile to make their customers happy. The company puts forth the idea that praise and good words are the biggest motivators for employees.

3. Modernize and Leadership. The developers at Keyideas continue to learn new techniques and update existing tools and resources. The company has a proven track record of innovation. From the CEO on down, the leadership at Keyideas are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. The company focuses on providing unmatched performance, reliability, features, and customizability.

4. Utility, Speed and Quality. Keyideas provides services that meet and fulfill every need a customer has. Every idea, process, and model is heavily tested before being used for customer products. They make use of a very aggressive software development cycle that allows for more internal builds, more beta testing, and more feedback from the client. This allows the developers to add more features, release more demos, and create improved documentation. Because of the aggressive development cycle, every product is highly tested, resulting in a very high-quality end product. Each app and website is then further tested by a quality assurance team before it’s completed.

5. Involvement and No Nonsense. Keyideas wants every customer to be fully involved in the development process. The company also strives to be a part of the app development community. The final characteristic of the Keyideas Difference is the company’s guarantee of a hassle-free service from start to finish. The goal is for each client to be able to focus on their business while the professionals at Keyideas handle the development, testing, and other tasks.

With the implementation of these Keyideas Differences, the company is poised to offer customers something none of their competitors do: a comprehensive package for web application development services that is unparalleled in the industry.

About Keyideas:

Keyideas is the fastest growing software development company in India that focuses on helping local and international companies with their web development and mobile app development needs. The company is composed of professionals whose expertise lies in PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WordPress, iOS, and other web services. The company prides itself on its outstanding web application development, e-commerce development, and enterprise software development as well as iPhone app, iPad app, and android app development. Keyideas is led by CEO, Shreyes Kejariwal.

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