Data Protecto version 2.1.1 launched, with updated File Encryption Algorithm

Cryptography is a user friendly and reliable prevention feature and is also instantaneous. Organizations and ordinary IT users should now encrypt and secure their information as it is the high time.

Online PR News – 19-May-2014 – Los Angeles – File security is a strategically managed process. It is there for the prevention of your data. The heinous incidents and crimes pertaining to the theft of our precious data has left the world of internet with no option but to actively look for means by which we can prevent our data from this cyber crime. The stakes of organizations are very high not only on individual level but also on larger organizational level. Your vulnerable data can be exploited in so many ways that is beyond imaginable as hackers are some genius minds and can therefore, crack into your valuable details.
Protecting your intellectual property is highly important these days and it can only be achieved if you deploy effective and reliable file protection techniques. Cryptography gives you advanced level of file encryption. It is the process of the conversion of plain text into cipher text. This blocks all kinds of unauthorized access as the hackers remain unable to read or understand encrypted language. It is the high call of today’s cyber world where your important data is at risk 24/7.
The latest version of Data Protecto has therefore been launched to address all of your issues. This updated version has advanced and a military grade file encryption algorithm which allows you to store your data in strong AES 256-Bit encrypted vaults. The best thing about it is that the newer version lets you to encrypt unlimited amounts of your data and store up to 100GB file sizes to give you the freedom of encrypting more and more of your confidential files and folders without any restriction and this makes it no doubt the world’s best encryption software .
Don’t waste your precious time browsing. It’s better to encrypt your data timely rather than risk it. Try the free version of Data Protecto now and get instant file protection.