FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Solutions Increasing Efficiency Through Upgrade

Recently, FlipHTML5 has upgraded its digital publishing solutions to improve efficiency and productivity for publishers from all around the world.The company now offers more stable software, higher quality service, and better customer support.

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Hong Kong – For those looking for online digital publishing solutions, FlipHTML5 announces their newest service upgrade, which allows them to handle larger files in a more user friendly interface.

FlipHTML5 has been an HTML5 Digital Publishing Solution over 50,000 companies which use their page flip technology to create a wide range of marketing products, including catalogs, brochures, shopping books, manuals, presentations, and more. FlipHTML5 now offers their fully interactive product to companies in a more efficient way. Through their most recent service upgrade, the minds behind FlipHTML5 are confident they are able to process larger flipbooks through the user uploading their PDF files for conversion into an easy to access flipbook—a great option for all companies looking to offer something unique to their customers.

This versatile HTML5 digital publishing solution now focuses not only on providing a high quality eBook publishing platform for companies, but also on the efficiency of making PDF to flipbook online and sharing it to social media. In addition to offering full customization, SEO friendly pages, and being able to add commerce features to the flipbook to make them shoppable, the service upgrade now has an online cloud service so that using FlipHTML5 is easier and more user friendly than ever. In order to rest assured that an HTML5 Flipbook would be a good solution for one’s company, FlipHTML5 also has ample testimonials from many reputable companies on their website.

For those looking to create their own custom marketing products to reach out to customers, the creators at FlipHTML5 feel sure this service upgrade will only help improve the already existing high quality of their digital publishing platform. With their online cloud service and ability to process even larger PDF files with ease, FlipHTML5 users can rely on their services for a unique marketing option. Business users now can share their business brochures, reports, manuals, periodicals, product catalogs, and other publications on FlipHTML5 platform to attract more clients.

For more information about the html5 digital publishing solution and their most recent service upgrade which increases efficiency, visit http://fliphtml5.com/ today.

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