Banckle is Introducing New Range of Product Plans for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Banckle is getting ready to introducing All Hands Unlimited Users Plans enhancing Customer Engagement at every level of an organization. It means that everyone from any level of the organization can use Banckle products and can communicate with them.

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle Apps and APIs allow organizations to communicate with their customers at every stage of customer engagement cycle. Until now our subscription plan was based on how many agents or employees will use that service which restrict that service to only few number of employees or agents but Banckle is now providing all hands customer management by offering All Hands Unlimited Users Plan.

All hands customer management means that everyone from any level of the organization can use Banckle products and understands the needs of customers and can communicate with them like take a live chat, answer a support ticket or respond to a sale at any time. This means that you will never miss a customer engagement request and you will provide better customer service.

On 17th May, Banckle will launch new range of product plans which will allow unlimited users to use Banckle services and cost will be based on a single measurement of a product's use. Banckle has made some changes for users who are using free plans and have been communicated to them through emails. Existing customers on paid subscriptions won’t be affected: you will continue on your current subscriptions.

If you are an existing free or paid subscription customer and wish to upgrade or change your plan you can contact Banckle Sales team at and they will guide you about pricing which will be available for next 3 months.

Overview: Banckle Apps and APIs

Banckle offers a flexible set of customer service APIs and apps that allow developers to build apps to help teams chat, meet online, manage email, run email campaigns, manage relationships and look after the sales pipeline, and manage a virtual helpdesk. Banckle's RESTful APIs are platform independent and work with any programming language; the apps are easy to implement and use. Banckle's solutions are designed to be used by any enterprise, regardless of size and are secure, accessible, scalable, flexible, and fully customizable.

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