Web Leads Announces New Lead Vertical

Web Leads Inc, provider of web design and SEO leads, announces the addition of a new lead vertical for application development leads.

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, Web Leads, the industry leader in web design and SEO leads has added a new lead vertical for application development. As the application industry continues to grow in popularity, Web Leads stays in front of the game with new lead packages that will expand their business.

The application industry is growing at a fast pace. Apps have become the preferred way for consumers to find information and search for products. As developers grow in demand, consumers need an easy way to find them. Web Leads is now connecting customers who are looking for app developers with those who can provide them with service.

The company’s newly launched website provides information on their new App development lead program. With the App development industry booming, adds this lead buying service for firms and personal developers. This new service will help developers find real time customers, sending them instantly.

Along with the new App lead buying platform, Web Leads will continue offering its SEO, web design, and call center lead packages. This addition not only creates a larger roster for the company but will help those in the technology industry find real time leads consistently. For developers this new lead vertical means more business, fast.

Web Leads will follow its tradition in how they send out verified leads to clients. Application development leads will go out to a maximum of 4 companies, so that clients will get the best quality leads for their business.

“Adding a new lead vertical for application development was a no-brainer,” says Web Leads management staff. “We are constantly getting requests, so to add this for our customers is beneficial for everyone.”

Web Leads most recently launched their new website with new services. The addition of this new lead package is just the beginning of new lead verticals the company is planning to make.

Web Leads will continue to expand and add new features and services in the future.

About Web leads Inc:
Web leads Inc. has been providing verified leads for over 4 years to the SEO and web design industry.