VPNServiceDeal.com Opens for Business with Cheap VPN Service Plans

Today, VPN Service Deal opened its doors for business with the roll out of two compelling VPN service offerings.

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Today, VPN Service Deal ( http://www.vpnservicedeal.com/ ) opened its doors for business with the roll out of two compelling VPN service offerings. With VPN service plans starting at $5.95 per month that include a private USA IP address, unmetered bandwidth and support for multiple VPN protocols -- VPNServiceDeal.com has firmly positioned itself as a price leader in an already tremendously competitive VPN hosting market.

Asked how VPNServiceDeal.com is capable of offering such low prices, representative Jeff Michaels offered: "Low-cost hosting is our specialty. We cater to moderately experienced users who are able to self-manage their services or be willing to learn how. We don't offer much in the way of hand-holding, but what we lack in hand-holding, we certainly make up in price. Our cheap VPN plans offer unbeatable value."

With the grand opening of VPNServiceDeal.com, the hosting outfit has offered up a full array of powerful VPN features including: unmetered bandwidth, private USA IP addresses, support for multiple protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP and a simple SOCKS proxy), multi-homed bandwidth, RAID protected storage and much more.

However, the price alone isn't what sets VPNServiceDeal.com apart from the competition. Every VPN sold is hosted in its own independent virtual private server. Because each VPN is hosted independently, this enables VPNServiceDeal.com to grant their customers full SSH root access to the VPN. If a user doesn't like how their VPN is configured, they can simply login and change the configuration to their liking. Additionally, the user does not have to choose between OpenVPN or PPTP -- daemons for both protocols are installed and started by default. "By the time we send the user their login information, OpenVPN and PPTP are both ready to go", Jeff added.

VPNServiceDeal.com has already indicated upcoming plans for new service offerings: "we are currently in the process of trialing L2TP/IPsec VPNs and gauging demand. If our users like what they see, then we'll be adding the L2TP/IPsec to our VPN protocol line-up shortly" said Jeff.

About VPNServiceDeal:
VPNServiceDeal ( http://www.vpnservicedeal.com ) is a division of Reprise Hosting that specializes in cheap VPN service solutions. With support for simultaneous multiple VPN protocols and plans starting at just $5.95 per month, VPNServiceDeal is the undisputed best-value leader amongst VPN hosting providers.

About Reprise Hosting:
Reprise Hosting ( http://www.reprisehosting.com ) is a hosting provider based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and specializes in best value cPanel VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions.