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USZA and G.W. Interactive Zoo Together Increase Awareness in Public about Animal Rescue

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – 25803 North County Road 3250, Wynewood, Oklahoma 73098 – WYNEWOOD, OKLAHOMA – The USZA Animal Network does a benevolent job of granting wishes of dying patients and patients suffering from serious ailments. is a link to the video of a cancer patient spending some happy time with a baby lion. The team USZA Animal network traveled to Kolby, Kansas to fulfill Alisa’s wish to hold a baby lion. This 18 year old girl who is a senior at Colby High School in Colby, Kansas has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma stage 4 (Brain Tumor).

The team also fulfilled a wish of a small girl recently who was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease and was given just a few weeks to live. The smile that girl had on her face after holding the baby tiger was worth millions. The team thanks everyone who has supported this cause including the patients for letting them fulfill these special wishes. Any individuals can now be a part of this Animal Miracle Network and help make a wish come true for all those dying children. Individuals can donate to the USZA Animal Miracle Network and contribute to this noble cause. The funds would be very helpful for the teams here to travel to different places and help these children spend time with their favorite animals such as the children mentioned above.

The Team USZA Animal Miracle Network also aims at spreading awareness about the dangers to the wild habitats that may lead to extinction of certain animal species. The network teams up with other organizations in the animal industry to protect animal ownership through fair regulation at both state and federal levels. The USZA is a place that has been formed to bring together breeders, private owners, zoos, dealers and other sanctuaries. With over 2 million supporters from 57 countries across the world, USZA wishes to expand the network furthermore for the betterment of the endangered animals and animals that need extra care.

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The United States Zoological Association, is an organization that supports and unites the commercial zoos, breeders, private owners and sanctuaries into one network thereby allowing them to educate each other and create a professional atmosphere within the animal industry.

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