IPextreme Welcomes Methods2Business to Constellations, Helps Company Plant Flag in Semi IP Market

Industry collective and IPextreme’s leadership play key roles in emerging company’s business plan

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Campbell, Calif. and Eindhoven, the Netherlands – IPextreme Inc. today welcomed Methods2Business, B.V. as the newest member of its Constellations™ initiative, which brings together like-minded companies to advance the state of the global semiconductor intellectual property (IP) ecosystem. Methods2Business has built into its go-to-market strategy the Constellations program’s structure and networking opportunities, as well as access to IPextreme’s leadership in the IP industry. This is an industry first.

Methods2Business is among the leaders in a new class of IP developers utilizing high-level synthesis (HLS) tools and methodologies to design and verify extremely complex technologies in extraordinarily short periods of time. The approach not only furnishes high quality products that can reach the market quickly, but also provides customers with the ability to customize the IP to differentiate their end products. The initial IP products from Methods2Business are in the 802.11 family, which will be demonstrated at the 51st Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco from June 1-5, 2014. Methods2Business will exhibit in the Constellations IP Community (Booth #2419).

“Our aim is to be on the leading edge of IP solutions provided to the market,” said Marleen Boonen, Founder and CEO of Methods2Business. “With the channel strategy provided by IPextreme and its Constellations initiative, we believe that we are also on the leading edge of how IP companies are launched in the 21st Century.”

With the channel strategy provided by IPextreme and its Constellations initiative we believe that we are also on the leading edge of how IP companies are launched in the 21st Century.

“With talented engineers and forward-thinking design practices, Methods2Business is poised to succeed in the IP market,” said Warren Savage, President & CEO, IPextreme. “We are eager to assist Marleen and her team in any way we can. There are myriad challenges facing new companies entering the global IP market. Constellations provides a business platform for IP companies to do more with less and provides access to other entrepreneurs who have a shared experience in building great companies.”

Methods2Business is the second Dutch-based company to join the Constellations coalition, strengthening the program’s European presence and global relevance.

Boonen and Savage will participate together in a DAC IP Track panel on Monday, June 2, 2014, from 10:30 to 11:15 AM (PDT). “The Making and Selling of IP Businesses: Private Companies in the Semiconductor IP Industry and Ecosystem” takes place in Moscone Center South Hall, Room 105. Please note that attendance at IP Track programming requires additional DAC registration (“Designer Special” or similar). Details are available here: https://dac.com/content/registration-rates.

Later in the day and in the same room, Methods2Business will deliver an IP Track technical presentation. “IP Generation using High Level Synthesis (HLS),” presented by Vladislav Palfi, one of the co-founders of Methods2Business in Novi Sad, will address how the Methods2Business team realized a giant leap in design productivity on a Wi-Fi 802.11N MAC by using Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler in a unified SystemC design flow. The presentation runs from 4:30 to 6:00 PM and requires the same registration detailed above.

Those interested in learning more about Methods2Business are encouraged to visit the Constellations IP Community booth at DAC to meet the team and partake of an interactive demonstration.

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