Kapta Interviews Jon Ireland of Acision Regarding an Agile Strategic Approach

Jon Ireland of Acision was interviewed by Kapta regarding his implementation of an Agile strategic approach to achieve growth and progress in the coming year.

Online PR News – 13-May-2014 – Boulder – Jon Ireland, EVP of Acision, recently conducted an interview with Kapta on his plans to implement an Agile approach to Acision’s strategy execution. Kapta’s Agile Business Management software helps companies focus on important goals and work collaboratively to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their overall business strategy. Ireland stated that Acision will use Kapta on a regular basis going forward to ensure and track the progress that they have outlined for the coming year.

Acision plans to integrate Kapta’s Agile strategy into many aspects of their business. “Kapta will be the heart of our management system,” says Ireland. He went on to state that it would be used during their management meetings every six weeks as well as quarterly face to face meetings. Agile will help them focus their strategy for a flawless execution of their goals for the coming year.

Ireland stated that this will be a growth year for Acision, leaving their team with little time for debating the small details. Kapta’s Agile strategic approach will make certain that “everyone is on deck, operating in robust, Swiss Clock fashion.” Ireland is confident that Acision will see growth and success using Agile Business Management software as part of their strategy execution.

It’s possible to learn more about Ireland’s interview with Kapta by viewing the video at www.kaptasystems.com/resources/ceo-university-jon-ireland-acision/" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.kaptasystems.com/resources/ceo-university-jon-ireland-acision/>.

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