Bungalows at Wak Hassan Drive is the newly-opened residences located at Sembawang. There are various amenities you can simply head to in this area.

Bungalows at Walk Hassan Drive is the newest residential establishment that is under development in Sembawang Landed Property. At this prime location, residents can merely take pleasure in the convenience as well as the magnificent living lifestyle. Sembawang Landed Property is located near to different amenities, that is very beneficial for the citizens.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Springerville – This newly established residential units will be referred to as Bungalows at Walk Hassan Drive. Rich people will definitely take advantage of this Sembawang Landed Property and take pleasure in its ambience since it is situated in the coastline of Sembawang Straits. Bungalows in Singapore for Sale features a majestic view of the azure mirror-calm sea. Individuals can decide to stroll throughout the area or stay home watching the sun sets across the horizon in your patio. Privacy is assured by the boundary walls between each detached bungalow.Bungalows in Singapore for Sale enclave will ensure you and your loved ones are safe to enjoy the very best that these properties have to offer.Bungalows at Wak Hassan Drive is made perfectly with its top quality lighting, beautiful decorations and sophisticated finishes. They're all three storey with an attic and basement. The land area of around 5000 square feet with beautifully kept grounds ensures you are not in your neighbour's back pocket. For more information, you can go to Bungalows by the Sea Open House in order to find the floorplan and inquire regarding Bungalows by the Sea Pricing.Sembawang Landed Property is just nearby the beach; consequently, you can also hang out with your friends and family in the Sembawang Park. Sports enthusiast can take advantage of this facility. Water sports, race, and cycling enthusiasts will see the expertly set-up facilities advantageous for them who need to enhance their performance. For great dining, you can take a leisurely stroll to the world-famous Beaulieu House Restaurant set in the middle of Sembawang Park. The restaurant is proven to be superb in serving seafood dishes. Moreover, both the wonderful views of the Sembawang Park and their delectable delicacies will certainly enhance your dining experience. The wonderful trees, walkways, water promenades, BBQ pits, as well as playgrounds for kids are all readily available in the park.Call the agents right now to register for direct developer discount. Bungalows at Wak Hassan Drive is the place to be. Communicate with the developer of the property instantly because there are only 8 units available. To find out which dates are readily available for visiting Bungalows by the Sea Open House and the cost of the Bungalows by the Sea Pricing, just check out their site.the crest | the crest price