New Science Fiction Romance: Xanadu For Aliens

XANADU FOR ALIENS is available for purchase electronically at, direct URL: and in print at

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Spokane, WA – What if UFO reports are true? What if extraterrestrials are not only here, but they’ve been visiting Earth for countless millennia? XANADU FOR ALIENS, best-selling author Susanne Marie Knight’s newest novel, explores the possibility of alien sightseers to our planet. But there’s no need to be concerned; these tourists are harmless. Or are they?

XANADU FOR ALIENS is available for purchase electronically at, direct URL: and in print at

PARADISE LOST--Teacher Petra Richardson receives a mysterious summer job offer. If she tutors a young boy, Traynor, all her expenses will be paid during her stay in the Galápagos Islands. Although she has misgivings, she agrees. Her new employer is the Taurus City Travel Agency, run by Traynor’s hunky Uncle Kelvin, whom she’d met and fantasized about when she was a teen. While romance simmers between Petra and Kelvin, there’s also danger. Who sabotaged their kayak? What happened to Traynor’s poomba? Why do some travel clients seem to flicker?

Just what is going on at this sleepy outpost in the South Pacific?

PARADISE FOUND--Kelvin Lacertus has a full plate. CEO of the Taurus City Travel Agency, he oversees alien and extraterrestrial Human tourists to Planet Terra. He’s handling the most important diplomatic conference in the galaxy. And he’s babysitting his nephew, Traynor. Kelvin arranges for a tutor, little Petra, whom he remembers from his Grand Tour of Terra years ago. She’d impressed him then. The grown-up version is even more irresistible. How can he protect his Petra when a terrorist group targets all Lacertus family members including his would-be bride?

Other science fiction romance novels by Susanne include: ForEvver, Alien Heat, Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon, and Janus Is A Two-Headed God (P&E award winner and Eppie Finalist). Also available are her science fiction short stories, “Homesick” and “The Convert”. For more information about Susanne’s books, visit and Amazon Author Page