OneAssist launches MobileAssistwith Accidental & Liquid Damage making it comprehensive product

OneAssist provides consumers with one place to reach out for emergency assistance related to financial cards, mobiles, and travel.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Mumbai – Our Mobile Phones have become an inseparable part of our lives, they go with us, wherever we go (including the washrooms). We wake up to checking our phones in the morning and its usually the last thing that we check, before going to sleep. Due to such heavy usage round the clock, accidentaldamage to the handset came across as one of the top most worries, everytime we spoke to customers at the retail stores. With the increasing costs of the handsets, this worry has only accentuated. And every time the handset was damaged the process of getting the handset repaired through the service centers was a humongous task in itself and took a lot of time and effort.
This led to the launch of enhanced MobileAssist, which now covers you against Theft and any kind ofDamage to the handset, be it accidental damage or liquid damagefor an amount of up to Rs.40,000.
With this, OneAssist now becomes a 24 x 7 Assistance service for all your Smartphone needs. We cover your Data as well as Device against Loss, Theft &Damage, while being available for you, round the clock for all your worries associated with the phone.
Our Damage & Theft Insurance benefitsare unique in many ways.
1. It is available for both New & Existing handsets.
2. You continue to enjoy the benefits / insurance, even if you change the handset during the membership period.
3. Our claim management is completely hassle-free as we do all the leg-work for you. We are your one point contact for all documentation and handset repairs.
4. We pick-up your damaged handset and deliver it back at your doorstep after repairs.
5. We also provide you with a temporary handset, while your handset is being repaired.
Apart from the Insurance, MobileAssist also offers following benefits.
1. 24 x 7 assistance if you lose your phone.
2. Call us and we will lock your SIM & phone, Wipe out your data to avoid misuse
3. Real Time Data-back up of Contacts, Photos, Videos& SMS.
4. Raise a loud alarm on your lost phone & help you track its location over a map.
5. Browsing Protection, Anti-virus & Anti-spam for protection against malicious website &virus attacks.
On the occasion, GaganMaini Co-Founder, OneAssist, said, “ We have been working towards establishing MobileAssist as a friend, you can rely on and reach out to, when you need one the most. When one loses his / her phone, life almost comes to a stand-still and there is no one to go for all your worries associated with it. We want to be that one friend, who will do everything possible to help you get back to life as usual, even after loss”.
You can know all the benefits of MobileAssist on the official website

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