Multifunctional Silicone adds High-performance benefits to Waterborne Coatings with no Negative

Dow Corning® 52 Additive proves effective in customizing slip, improving abrasion and scratch resistance when used alone or in combination with wax emulsions.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Midland, MI – Midland, MI, May 13, 2014 -- Success in the global coatings industry often hinges on being able to create paints, inks and coatings with unique combinations of high-performance benefits.

“The trick is to add as many beneficial characteristics as possible without negatively impacting a coating’s mechanical properties, which can be a challenging task,” said Dow Corning Coatings Global Segment Leader Chris Wall. “We designed Dow Corning® 52 Additive to make that task easier.”

Dow Corning 52 Additive is uniquely engineered to deliver the benefits of ultrahigh-molecular-weight silicone in a low-viscosity emulsion. It can be used alone or in combination with wax emulsions to fine-tune slip and improve abrasion and scratch resistance in industrial wood coatings and interior and exterior paints as well as in inks and overprint varnishes. The additive also offers blocking resistance, improves sandability and provides a good feel.

“Just as importantly, Dow Corning 52 Additive delivers these benefits with no negative impact on surface hardness, water resistance, recoatability or intercoat adhesion,” Wall said.

Dow Corning 52 Additive is multifunctional, easy to incorporate in waterborne systems and highly effective at low addition levels. This makes it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of coating formulations.

A response to customer needs:
“Many of our customers like the benefits wax emulsions bring to their formulations,” Wall said. “But they also are looking for ways to improve slip performance and achieve greater scratch and abrasion resistance. So we tested Dow Corning 52 Additive in a series of waterborne wood coatings to see how it might benefit formulators in terms of both cost and performance.”

In these tests, Dow Corning’s additive performed significantly better than wax emulsions at dramatically lower use levels. When used in combination with wax emulsions, Dow Corning 52 Additive nearly doubled the slip and abrasion resistance of the coating while using about half as much emulsion – a potential cost savings. Watch the “Dow Corning® 52 Additive for Waterborne Coatings” video.

“We work very closely with our customers to ensure that we have a solid understanding of their needs and challenges,” Wall said. “This enables us to focus our silicone expertise and innovation capabilities on those areas that have the greatest relevance for them – and the greatest potential impact on their market success.”

Dow Corning offers silicon-based additives for solventborne, waterborne, solventless and radiation cure systems. Offering multiple benefits, these additives are compatible with a wide array of binder systems and diluents, and they are effective at low concentrations. Additional information is available at

About Dow Corning:
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