Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services Presents the Necessity of Jewelry Insurance and Jewelers Block

Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (JSIS) provides Risk Management and Insurance policies to jewelry companies nationwide. Recent trends in jewelry crime, and the necessity of coverage, leads to the renewed promotion of proper insurance policies and mitigation of risks.

Online PR News – 13-May-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – According to Jewelers Security Alliance’s 2013 Annual Crime Report, “on-premises crime categories indicate a 17.7 percent increase in dollar losses and a 6.5 percent decrease in criminal events.” While jewelry crime in 2013 decreased, the value of stolen items increased by 17.7%. Furthermore, according to JSA’s annual report, “Off premises losses totaled 40 in 2014, the lowest in the last 30 years.” JSIS encourages all jewelry distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to protect themselves, their businesses and staff by utilizing the proper training and tools to ensure the safest practices. Further, all owners should be regularly evaluating coverage and limits of their insurance policies to insure adequate protection. This startling new statistic only fuels JSIS to assist businesses in creating a safe plan of action to protect business assets.

Off premises losses totaled 40 in 2014 the lowest in the last 30 years.

Benjamin Meskin, President of JSIS, commented “The studies and findings of JSA remind us of the importance of having Jewelers Block Policies in place. Many jewelers, irrespective of distribution classification, tend to believe that they do not need coverage because most risk and losses occur off-premises and that the likelihood of having a loss at an office location is rare; however, JSA’s report contradicts this conception and sheds light on how vulnerable business can be at any place and at any time. Further, it shows that criminals change and their methods can never be predicted.”

With specialty products in Jewelry Block and Fine Art insurance Los Angeles, Exhibition Services, Shipping Insurance, Personal Jewelry policies CA, JSIS has a policy to fit every business’ need. More recently, JSIS has begun to offer Insured Promotions, also known as Prize Insurance.

As JSIS expands its influence and services, the company urges consumers to educate themselves about various jewelry insurance options and the necessity of proper coverage. New research supports that while businesses do have less risk regarding number of robberies, businesses that are hit have a higher value lost. Through social media and continued user interaction, JSIS hopes to impart the value of a quality insurance provider in Los Angeles, especially, and various services that can be employed to protect businesses. To this end, JSIS has teamed up with and encourages customers to work with ISPS (, a company that specializes in training jewelers on safety techniques and loss mitigation.

About Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (JSIS)

JSIS was established, in 1995, to correspond with expanding customer needs. Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (a sub division of Meslee Insurance Inc.) was founded. JSIS operates as a commercial insurance brokerage catering to the Fine Art, Jewelry, and Shipping Industries. JSIS offers comprehensive commercial policies to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. JSIS represents jewelers, dealers, auctioneers, pawn brokers, art galleries, check cashing establishments, museums, armored car companies and more. JSIS also expands its services to offer Jewelers Block, Exhibition Insurance, Shipping Insurance (Land, Air, Rail, and Sea) as well as Prize Insurance and Insured Promotion policies. Finally, JSIS provides a secure facility to ensure personal collectibles, sports memorabilia, fine art, jewelry, stamps and coin collections, and gold bullion.

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