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05/14/2014 is an online retailer that sells cheap and high quality foamposite shoes to people looking for high quality footwear.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – . – US – Foamposite technology in footwear has been consistently gaining in popularity to this date, changing the way that sneakers are made for the better. At this point in time, foamposites have been around for an impressive period of over fifteen years, doing their bit to shape the future of footwear. The very first foamposite sneaker to begin revolutionizing the footwear industry was created in 1997. After the Air Jordan sneaker began to overrule the world of sports footwear, the foamposite one started to take progress a step further. With the admirable intention of providing consumers with simple footwear made with complex technology capable of offering comfort and high quality function, the foamposite has begun to change the mould from what individuals expect from footwear today.

The primary purpose of foamposites, whether a customer was trying on brands back in 1997 or updating to foamposites 2014 , was for the material to maintain its shape regardless of the vigorous activity the user might have been putting it through. Whether the shoe was used on a daily basis for consistent exercise or simply grabbed on occasion, foamposite material implied that it would remain comfortable and ideal for physical exertion, every time.

The very first mould for the foamposite shoe is rumoured to have cost somewhere in the region of three quarters of a million dollars. Since then, the mould has been destroyed, and with it, the limitations to foamposite designs have also been discarded. Today, many people associate foamposite footwear with the only kind of shoes to be taken seriously in the sporting or fitness industry. The shoes are consistently light weight, which makes them perfect for running and quick movement, and also are designed to hug the shape of the foot closely, so that people wearing them remain comfortable throughout the day. These days, it is possible to purchase cheap foamposites from websites such as in a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs.

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