Enterprising Young Student Invents The Perfect App For Those Who Are Wondering “What’s For Dinner?”

Three years of work pay off for enterprising young student who is set to release his new app based on his algorithm that enables users to locate food recipes based on the food they have in their home.

Online PR News – 11-May-2014 – 15/06/2014 – Imagine going into a kitchen unsure of what meal to prepare, pulling out a phone or smart device and using an app to identify the best recipes based on the food that is available. That’s the premise of a new app developed by Parisian student Pierre-Louis Sauvaige. The app is called “Check and Cook” and is set for release in May 2014 to help every user take full advantage of the food they already have in order to prepare a great meal.

Proving once again that necessity truly is the mother of invention, Sauvaige developed the app when he felt the desire to cook something other than the rice and pasta he was used to. Instead of settling for those meals, he sat down and created the app that changes the way people cook. “I’m proud to offer an useful and playful application that concerns everybody and create a new way to cook,” Sauvaige said.

“Check and Cook” is scheduled for release in May of 2014 and at this point there is an English version. Since Sauvaige is French, however, he does plan to release a French language version very soon. The app will be available for download onto the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Using “Check and Cook” is simple. Users simply enter the ingredients they currently have in their pantries and the app uses that entered information to generate up to 41,000 recipes that incorporate the ingredients entered. This app ensures that individuals never have to eat the same meals over and over, and instead offers up a wide variety of delicious choices. This also means that there is no more wasting of food when an individual can’t figure out how to best use a specific ingredient.

In addition to the list of current ingredients, users of the app will have the ability to create unique grocery lists for their next shopping trip and as soon as the list is entered the app will tell the user how many recipes are available for the food they are about to purchase. Finally, the app allows users to share the recipes they receive.

Prior to the May release, information is available at the “Check and Cook” website by visiting www.checkandcook.com. Sauvaige is also available via phone at (+33) 06 70 50 46 05 or by email at pierrelouiss@gmail.com.

Check and Cook
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