Drinking Viking Announces Launch of Crowd funding Campaign

Drinking Viking Announces Launch of Crowd funding Campaign Indiegogopushwillfundproduction and publicity ofthe game

Online PR News – 11-May-2014 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Bratislava, Slovakia, May 3, 2014 – Drinking Viking, a uniqueparty card game, announcedtodaythelaunchofanIndiegogocrowdsourcingcampaignwiththegoaloffundingproduction and publicity ofthe game.

“WehavebeenplayingDrinking Viking foryears and nowwedecided to make tha game foreveryone,” says Peter Suchar, Drinking Viking Game Designer. “Eachofusisplaying a role in themakingofthe game. Nowistimeforyou to become a founderofDrinking Viking.

The Game

TheDrinking Viking is a party card game consistingof more than 15 short, funny and interactive mini gameswithspecialrules. Each mini game isrepresented by a unique and fullyillustratedcard. Drinking Viking is a game for more than 3 players and whilethereis no limitation on numberofplayers, the optimum numberisbetween 6 and 10players.

The mini games-centricgameplaychangeseverytime a playerdraws a newcard. Playersdrawcards to findoutwhatkindof game they are going to play and thechallengethatliesahead. Some minigames are based on words, memoryorcreativity, others on luck, quickreactions and somecouldbeeventrickierbecausethey are in play atalltimes.

Drinking Viking suggeststhefollowingformsof in-game penalties:

BeverageConsumption. As Drinking Viking is a party game, loserscanconsume a beverage

Black Points.Theloserofeachroundgetsone Black Point and atthe end ofthe game, theplayerwiththe least numberof Black Pointswins.

Strip Viking.Players are encouraged to engagetheirown “house rules” includingvariantsofthebeverageconsumption model such as “Strip Viking.”

Sport Viking.Playing as a sports game is a fun and exercise-encouragingversion in whichlosersmustperformpush-ups, squatsoranotherchosenformofphysicalactivity.

Mini Games

Every mini game iswell-tested on a fun-factorscale to ensuretheybringtherightatmosphere to your party. SomeofDrinkingViking’s mini gamesinclude:

TheHunt: Threedice are distributedatequalincrementsbetweenplayers. Playersbeginrollingover and overuntil a sixisrolled, whentheplayerthenpassesthedice to thenextplayer. Thegoalforplayersis to avoidletting extra dicecatch up to them.

Crazy King: “The King” determines a unique rule foreveryotherplayer to follow. Anyonecaughtbreakingorattempting to breakthe rule willbepunished.

Odin: A.K.A. thebluffing game. Oneplayerthrowsthedicesecretly and tellsthevalue to thenextplayer. Howevertheplayermaylieabouttheresult. Thenextplayereitherbelievesordisputesthevalue and attempts to throw a biggervaluethanthepreviousplayer. Eitherthebadliarorthesuspiciousfoolispunished.

Liar, liar!: Playerstelleachotherthreethingsaboutthemselves, oneofwhichis not true. Thosewhocorrectlyguessthelieremain in play.

The Viking: Thisisthecentralcharacterofthe game. The Viking usestrickery and secretsigns to othercrewmembers to start “paddling” duringthe game withoutbeingnoticed. The last paddler to jointhe rest loses.

A variety ofadditional mini games are included in the game as well, and many are alreadyillustrated. These canbeviewed in the game gallery.

Game Elements

TheDrinking Viking game elementsinclude:
● 64 fullyillustratedcards
● Ruleswritten on scroll-likepaper
● 3 woodendice
● Illustrated Game box

“Allyouneed to play Drinking Viking isyou and yourfriends, a Viking heart, and a gamingspirit,” added Peter. “The game canbeplayedvirtuallyanywherewith no boards, no figures and no long setup. You are thefigures and you are theboard!”


TheIndiegogocampaign’sinitialgoalof €6,000 iscurrentlyactive and runsthrough June 15, 2014 at 11:59 PacificTime. Full detailscanbefoundat:


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