Appointment Plus – An innovative concept of Shopping Carts for Services

Appointment-plus is one of the best web-based scheduling software that leads the software world.

Online PR News – 22-August-2009 – – The releases find from the annual survey information that the online client self-scheduling process the effect of shopping cart on the consumption of services. Internet customers of the e-commerce world are now turning to the scheduling of the appointments on the internet. The satisfaction of the paying for scheduled appointment scheduling software without calling service providers gives the impression of e-commerce shopping cart processes.

In the month of January, 2009 annual survey of Appointment-Plus online scheduling software) was made available to the users. More than 7% of the Appointment-Plus clients replied to the survey. The came-out of the survey was that more than 110 industries in the world are using the Appointment-Plus for online customer self-scheduling. The users who were top amongst the charts were colleges, universities, medical service providers, salons, chiropractors and massage therapists.

The surveys showed that the main reason of businesses choosing to use online scheduling software is to drive the new business. More than 60% of survey responders told that the preliminary reason for using the online scheduling software to schedule meetings was to give more and more opportunity to clients to schedule appointments while they are online. Almost 50% of the survey responders felt that after implementing the online scheduling software, appointments have increased more than 30%. Just like e-commerce websites, business derivate most significant revenue force by allowing clients to schedule the appointments through internet and pay through the same.

More than 50% of the survey respondents also accepted the fact that they were need to save time somewhere from that schedule and this Appointment-Plus surely helped them to do so. All of them accepted that online appointment scheduling is “considerable” time saving. The survey also reported the reduction of customer no-shows because of automatic appointment confirmation and reminders created by system.
The survey results also revealed the fact that the most admired feature of Appointment-Plus is the Repeat customer Reminder system. The functionality of this feature is to scan the customer base and to send them the reminders if they don’t have schedule an appointment in recent time (i.e. 80 days). The Appointment-Plus automatically send the e-mail to the client as reminder of scheduling an appointment with the link of allowing immediate scheduling. It was really very good to see that the Appointment-Plus is doing exactly the same what designers were looking from it. This was stated by Appointment-Plus president “Bob La Loggia”. As an enhancement, even the customer base of the regular customers can be added into the system that virtually can make the work very easy. For more information

Appointment-plus is one of the best web-based scheduling software that leads the software world.
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