Is Exposing Science Writers to Art Appreciation
07/22/2010 science writers will no longer be able to ignore the arts entirely. A new seminar series at will introduce specialists to the arts.

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – The recognition of beauty has always been considered a pre-requisite for a civilized life. However, scientists and technically trained writers often seem to miss out on this aspect of existence. The management at notices this phenomenon among our own specialists in math, life sciences, and physics as well. A series of seminars on aesthetics will, we hope, correct this deficit. Learning to appreciate art couldn’t hurt. It might even expand the thinking of our resident science geeks, and the rest of the staff, too!

The specialists will be doing more than just learning the history and names of various art styles and movements. They could have learned that in college (although they mostly got through higher education without ever crossing the threshold of an art classroom.

No, is bringing in lecturers who can discuss aesthetics in an accessible fashion. The aim is to demystify all the arts; painting, sculpture, music, and dance. The instructors will work with writers to create a tool kit of concepts and vocabulary with which to respond to art.

By the end of the seminar, we are assured that all of us, including the most obliviously science-minded among us, will have acquired some new skills. We should be able to appreciate a masterwork of creative endeavor, even if we have ignored such things before. We will possess a means of expressing the feelings and thoughts which a work of art engenders.

It is’s hope that increasing our specialist’s awareness of beauty will enhance their writing, as well as their lives. This attempt to improve the writing experience is but one of many similar efforts.

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