John Buchanan Fights Domestic Assault Charges

John Buchanan, an experienced criminal lawyer fights against spousal or domestic assault for his clients in Vancouver.

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – July 22, 2010; Vancouver, BC: John Buchanan has come up with his new practice area of spousal or domestic assault. He represents individuals charged with this criminal case in Vancouver and other provinces in Canada.

Spousal assault is one of the serious criminal offences in Canada. Serious implications result due to this offense and both parties are affected. This offense can be charged on accused by neighbors or associates. And if words are raised by more than single party against home-based violence, then offense becomes more serious and difficult to resolve.

John Buchanan fights for this criminal offense and works with the objective to offer winning justice for the client. To ensure resolution of the case in favor of his client, this defense attorney works hard and in a systematic manner. He works to defend his clients in the following ways:

• If the client of John Buchanan is a government employee then he works towards maintaining smooth running of current employment.
• He tries to get permission from the court of justice to allow his client to travel outside Canada.
• In case, if client is in custody; this criminal lawyer works towards bail hearings to get the client out of jail.
• He investigates the charged offense thoroughly to find out proper clues, hints and points in favor of client.
• Spousal or domestic assault results with taking responsibility of two residences if accused is male. And this defense attorney works towards negotiation in this regard. He shows the running financial status of client in front of the court of justice to resolve the negotiation matter. With his experience and help of legal resources, he manages to solve this matter in less time.

Apart from domestic or spousal assault, John Buchanan also deals several other criminal offenses like impaired driving, shoplifting, fraud, theft, drugs & marijuana grow operations etc. In short, Buchanan has wide area of expertise in the criminal law domain.

About John Buchanan:

John Buchanan is a Vancouver based criminal lawyer who represents individuals with serious criminal offences in Vancouver and nearby areas of Canada. His practice areas is long listed including impaired driving, drugs & marijuana grow case, domestic assault and much more.