PeopleAssessments becomes a Logi-Serve Value Added Reseller

Collaboration delivers breakthrough customer service and sales assessment tools to global companies

Online PR News – 06-May-2014 – FARMINGTON HILLS, MICH – PeopleAssessments, a respected global provider of advanced assessment services for multiple industries, has announced an agreement to represent the Logi-Serve solution to the growing market of organizations interested in better assessment tools. The combination of Logi-Serve’s revolutionary technology and PeopleAssessments proprietary solution makes for a unique and powerful combination of tools. It enables the joint expansion of technology offerings across a global network, providing North America and overseas companies with the means to enhance customer sales and service.

Logi-Serve’s visual storyboarding platform and business analytics system enables organizations to achieve and maintain sales and service excellence. PeopleAssessments online testing enables its global customers to improve sales and service quality and ensures managers and leaders have the aptitude to perform and lead the organization.

“The marketplace will benefit from the outstanding science and technology platform that Logi-Serve has pioneered for accurately predicting an individual’s ability to provide quality customer service and sales as well as predict customer experiences,” said PeopleAssessments Chief Scientist, Dr. Tom Janz. “Service excellence is key to the future of the business world. It is the main reason that companies earn and retain customers and Logi-Serve brings a laser-like focus to this area. This new tool is complementary to our own mental ability, safety and behavioral interviewing assessment products which are based on predictive science to provide strong business value.”

Logi-Serve simulates real-life workforce situations that predict key competencies to improve the process of selecting and developing employees. This generates a pool of talent for seeding, training and building a performance improvement culture, which helps grow an organization’s bottom line and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“Logi-Serve is delighted that Dr. Janz and his team will help bring Logi-serve to market,” said Eric Krohner, president and CEO, Logi-Serve. “PeopleAssessments solution is based on strong psychometric experience and rigor. We have the utmost respect both for Dr. Janz’s commitment to helping his clients and the extent of his network of contacts to expand our market reach and generate revenue for both companies.”

About Logi-Serve
Logi-Serve is rapidly distinguishing itself as the market’s leading assessment innovator for companies seeking to predict customer service ability, enhance customer experiences, increase sales and build a culture of sales and service excellence. Through patent pending science and tools that pose questions based on story-boarded scenarios, its use of advanced response gathering technology and a validated competency framework, Logi-Serve offers the market’s most direct link to predicting and shaping business outcomes.

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About PeopleAssessments
PeopleAssessments provides assessment solutions for companies that want to hire better people, faster, for less total cost. They balance commitment to science-based best practices with a passion for leveraging the power of the web. has recently released its Leadership Team Services to bring the power of People Science to making sure that the right people are driving the bus, and that they make the best use of all of their strengths to help each other create a Championship Team, not a team of leaders who are champions in their own mind.

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