Triple SIM China Cell Phones Ideal For Spying, Drug Dealing And Adultery!

If you have secrets to attend to when in deep cover which leaves your 2 other SIMS in constant use, then Chinavasion's triple-SIM unlocked Luxor cell phone is ideal comrade!

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – In the aftermath of the recent Russian spy scandal in the USA and UK, the ejected soviet agents had a few words to say about Chinavasion's newest cell phone, the mighty triple-SIM Luxor.

They said, "while were leading busy lives in deep cover our traditional dual-SIM world phones were great for separating our business and personal calls, but it was always a struggle getting in touch with Moscow." One agent, who simply called himself Yuriy, said, "this Luxor triple-SIM cell phone from Chinavasion would have saved us from getting caught as we would have been able to free up a ‘special' line to the fatherland without taking any risks!"

The Luxor cell phone came too late to help them, but we're sure that it'll be standard equipment for KGB agents in the future who'll be Russian out to buy one! However it's here in time to help you, so whether you're a drug-dealer, having an affair or a business person or traveller; this Luxor triple-SIM cell phone is for you!

What's does the Luxor triple-sim cell phone include?

The Luxor is built with dual quadband SIM slots and one CDMA SIM slot for unrivalled convenience. Providing true world coverage, with the convenience of having on-board multimedia entertainment apps to keep you entertained such as video player, music player, FM radio and eBuddy. The Luxor is built to cater for the mobile phone power user and designed to be used as frequently as the user needs, thanks to its durability and simple menu interface, which allows for effortless navigation.

The Luxor triple SIM cell phone's core essentials makes this mobile perfect for people that make and take a lot of phone calls, but with the exception of enabling you to separate your work and personal communication needs in a single mobile phone rather than 3 separate phones.

Don't judge a book by its cover! Once you're out of the office, and you no longer wish to be disturbed with pesky phone calls from colleagues, you can enable/disable one of the many SIM card modes such as, enable SIM 1 only or SIM 2, all SIM enabled, only UIM enabled, SIM & UIM enabled, SIM 2 & UIM enabled or all SIM & UIM enabled. This comprehensive attention to detail truly makes this triple cellphone stand out from the rest and places it in a league of its own.

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