Sterling Minerals Cosmetics Joins YouTube!
08/21/2009 is now on YouTube creating videos to directly impact customer relations!

Online PR News – 21-August-2009 – – Nampa, ID USA - Keeping in tune with the wishes of their customers, Sterling Minerals Cosmetics, a mineral makeup and skincare company, is pleased to announce they recently launched a brand new YouTube Channel for their viewing pleasure.

Due to the incredible growth this summer customers are having more input and are playing a part in the direction their favorite mineral makeup company takes. "This is an exciting time for us" stated Katherine, President and Master Formulator of Sterling Minerals. "We are receiving so many emails with suggestions on creating mineral makeup tutorials, makeup advice and much more." In response to these multiple requests Katherine decided to launch her own personal Sterling Minerals YouTube Channel. "Now I can come into each and every one of my customers' home at their convenience allowing them to get to know me on a more personal level," she remarked further.

Although Katherine has offered a Free Skin Care Guide for almost 2 years now, she realized that in today's technological age her customers were wanting more. The Skin Care Guide allowed for comments and interaction between Katherine and her customers, but none so vital as what she is already receiving since the launch of her YouTube Channel.

"It has been fantastic! With just the first release of my introduction to me and my company, the response has been overwhelming," claimed Katherine. "Requests and suggestions by my customers are pouring in and I had no idea how important this method of interaction would be between me and my customers." With much encouragement and coaxing by them Katherine took the leap into the YouTube world. She told us the Skin Care Guide allowed her to interact with her customers through her original articles, but it is clear to see now that she had to step out from behind the blog and introduce to her customers the face, voice and woman behind the business, Sterling Minerals Cosmetics. is an e-commerce business and doesn't allow interaction as a whole with their valued customers. This is something that Katherine felt was always lacking. "I love interacting with my customers when I can. Speaking to them personally on the phone or assisting them with a concern by email has worked up until now, but I wanted more also," she exclaimed. "Video has created a happy middle ground for everyone, myself included and I am having a whole lot of fun. Who would have thought!"

Katherine plans to provide future mineral makeup tutorials, product reviews, makeup tips and tricks, health and skincare related topics and continue to remain true to form debunking product and marketing claims in the videos she will produce. She also plans to continue with her Skin Care Guide. "This is still essential for more in depth evaluation of the topic of the week since my plan is to keep my videos condensed for easy viewing and to keep it fun and real," she stated. "It is also something my customers have come to expect to arrive in their inbox each and every week" she added further.

Katherine plans to upload new videos at least once a week but is striving to do more if something new and fun should inspire her to say, "now that would make for a great video".

She has currently added two more tutorials on her mineral makeup application and her signature moist method for the optimum look.

Stay tuned until next time!

About Us:

Sterling Minerals Cosmetics, founded in 2006, incorporates a meaningful experience for visitors to their retail online store, and offers premium mineral cosmetics and a complete facial skincare line to Customers of every Ethnicity, and to Med-Spas, Salons and Medical Clinics. Their commitment is to continue with research and development, and provide truth, integrity, ethics and education, while continuing to strive to offer result driven formulas for healing, rejuvenating and revitalizing all skin types.

They were featured in Yoga Magazine USA and UK, Indie Beauty Network, and Beauty Broadcast News providing a rave review.

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