Tatvasoft Follows a Flexible Business Model so that Outsourcing to India is Hassle-Free for Clients

Tatvasoft follows a very flexible business model. Our in house training programs enable us to make outsourcing to India, hassle-free for our clients.

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – Outsourcing to India enables foreign clients to fulfill their rise in demand for high quality software and web applications. The world class quality standards and low development rates make outsourcing to India very attractive to foreign clients. On technical front everything seems to be fine, but there are problems that exist in outsourcing process and hurt the business prospects. The reason is lack of proper training to the personnel about work methodologies, cultural background and mindset of their foreign outsourcing partners.

Keeping this mind, Tatvasoft has adopted very flexible business model so that it can easily cater to the demand of its outsourcing partners. As the bulk of outsourcing comes from US, we have trained our project managers to sharpen their listening skills and customize to American accent. This eliminates communication gap and ensures smooth progress of the project.

We conduct in-house training programs and appraise our staff on cultural differences, work place practices followed by foreign clients and their mindset. This helps our staff to better understand our outsourcing clients and work accordingly, so that outsourcing to India is hassle-free.

Tatvasoft offers highly flexible hiring options to its outsourcing clients as part of its overall strategy to take the pain out outsourcing. Our flexible hiring model allows the outsourcing client to hire developer, on a weekly or monthly basis. This reduces the cost of the project. The developer maintains high degree of interaction with client, throughout project development process, by submitting daily reports. The client is actively involved in the project and there are no communication gaps, which slow down the project and hurt the interests of the clients.

Besides this, company follows the prevalent software development quality standards and ensures that all its developers follow the norms by conducting regular quality control training programs. Hence our customer-centric policy and flexible business model helps us to deliver world class software solutions to our outsourcing clients.