Four newly-added external addons will be released soon by Higosoft

Four newly-added addons are introduced in next version of Higosoft Web Player for Mac. Please download and try timetip addon, context menu addon, HD button addon and extplaylist addon to customize higosoft web player

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – Four new external addons, HD button addon, extplaylist addon, context menu addon and timetip addon will be added to the next version of Higosoft Web Player for Mac. It will greatly enhance the function of Higosoft Web Player for Mac, using these addons, you could add custom context menu on the published flash video player, swtich to HD video from original video, customize video playlist for flash video player and show time tip on player control bar. It is a good news for all users of Higosoft Web Player for Mac. Please download these external addons to have a try.

Higosoft Web Player is a web video player which could help you embed and publish videos to website and then embed it to website. The video could be embedded to website in amazing flash video player just because Higosoft Web Player for Mac itself is built in with many web player skins. With Higosoft Web Player for Mac, embedding the customized flash video player to website is a snap, just upload the generated files to your web server, and then copy and paste a piece of embed code to your webpage, and alter the file path setting in the embed code, after completing all those procedures, the added videos could be displayed on your webpage professionally.

HD button addon is provided to help you add a HD button on flash video player, clicking this button, you could swtich to HD videos. Thus this addon could facilitate the switch between original video and HD videos.

Context menu addon enables you to add and customize your own context menu on the published flash video player, such as using this addon, you are able to input your own context menu item and set the link on this context menu item. It gives you more opportunities to customize your flash video player.

Timetip addon is time indicator showing the exact time at that point when you point the mouse over the process bar of flash video player. Through this addon, you could know exactly the video duration and where the video is playing.

Extplaylist addon provides easy way to enable player user to customize personalized playlist outside web flash video player, and put it on anywhere of the webpage they want it to be.

In all, Higosoft Web Player for Mac could extend its function by adding external addons. All those addon could expand the function of Hiogsoft Web Player, helping you customize flash video player. Along with the increase of external addons, Higosoft Web Player for Mac would be loved by more and more users.