Los Angeles Medical and Day Spa, Ona Spa Introduces ONA SLIM:CRYO-THERMIE BODY SLIMMING TREATMENT …the final stop in the journey toward a bikini or a cocktail dress ready body!

Who Do Hollywood Celebrities Turn To For Smooth Sexy Legs And A Camera Ready Derriere? The French Of Course!

Online PR News – 21-August-2009 – – Ona Slim:Cryo-Thermie Body Slimming Treatment is made up of three phases cellulite reduction therapy designed to reshape, tone and firm the thighs, tummy, hips and arms, as well as nearly eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Localized excess fatty deposits, or cellulite, are the result of well-known factors such as: lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of proper hydration, poor elimination of fats, and most unfortunately, genetics!

In order to genuinely reduce cellulite deposits and unwanted curves a treatment must be effective at several levels: Unlocking fatty deposits, facilitating the burning of fat, reducing the size of adiposities, accelerating the micro circulation and facilitating the elimination of waste.

Ona Spa is known in Los Angeles and beyond as one of the most revered and cutting edge private day spas, offering a borage of therapies for face and body, that are both highly effective in offering visible results, and intensely calming and therapeutic, as they are offered in the comfort and serenity of a spa atmosphere. The new Ona Slim, is the newest “medi spa” type treatments to be introduced exclusively at Ona Spa.

Cryo-Thermie was originally created by one of the most cutting edge pharmaceutical laboratory in France. With exclusive distribution rights in the US, Ona will be the only spa to carry the product line, as well as offer the revolutionary treatment.

This one-hour treatment is performed in 5 steps in The Ona Spa Vichy Shower Wet Room:

Cryo-Thermie’s thermal process includes alternating vasodilatation, vasoconstriction and an astringent action producing a “Pumping effect” that activates the micro circulatory process. Active ingredients in the products contain powerful lipolytic properties to facilitate the reduction and elimination of fat.

Step One – Phase One: 20 minutes

The Vasodilatation or “Warm phase”

In order to activate micro circulation and promote fat burning, the technician coats the parts of the body to be treated with a combination of “Brule Graisses” (fat burning) gels before wrapping the client in cellophane. This first part of the process, initiates an immediate warm thermal effect, facilitating the waste and elimination of trapped fat deposits.

Step Two – Phase Two: 10 minutes

The Desinfiltration

The desinfiltrating action is achieved by a massage with our liposculpture mobilization vibratory precursor and “complex fitness” essential oils.

Step Three – Phase Three: 20 minutes

The Vasoconstriction or “Cold phase”

An Oligo fitness cataplasm combining a clay, menthol, and camphor complex creates a very cold effect. Vasoconstriction, activates the blood pumping action. During this cold part of the treatment, the client is served with a hot tea.

Step Four: 5 Minutes

The cataplasm is rinsed under our Vichy shower rain.

Step Five: 5 Minutes

The Firming

Lipo-Lift, a powerful firming and toning complex is applied to complete the slimming treatment. The Lipo Lift complex is also highly recommended after pregnancy, and in all cases of skin slackening on arms, bust, stomach and legs.

Home Maintenance:

Once the series of in spa treatments are complete, the client can achieve maintenance of the overall results with the purchase of the Chrono fitness Pack ($115), used in conjunction with the Lipo Reducer ($50).

The home program also works wonders for in between sessions if the client is unavailable to receive the series everyday, and it is great to maintain the visible results after the final session.

Visible results are seen immediately after the first session, however, for best results, Ona Spa recommends 6 consecutive sessions, performed as closely together as possible, as well as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime.

One treatment: $150

Series of 6: $750

For additional information on the ONA SLIM:CRYO-THERMIE BODY SLIMMING TREATMENT, Please contact:

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