IM Capital Access (IMCA) Improves the Business Cash Advance

The Los Angeles-based firm is changing the way businesses borrow ...for the better.

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – In an economic climate that has demanded more than ever from America's small-to-medium-sized businesses, owners have faced "sink or swim" syndrome in keeping their companies afloat. Sometimes going for whichever lending is easily available has hurt the nation's economy, and IM Capital Access has paved the way in changing that.

Nate Rust, Vice President of Sales at IM Capital Access, attributes some failing businesses to simply bad lending deals: "Often times, these companies that hand out business cash advances make it easy upfront to get capital, but on the backend there's a completely different story," Rust said.

Rust, a finance expert for the last ### years, notes that, as usual, fine print is always the deal-breaker.

"Not only do most companies who offer business cash advances take forever to approve you," Rust said, "but their offers for retrieval percentages are outrageous."

Since the inception of IM Capital Access earlier this year, Rust and partners in the Santa Monica (Los Angeles)-based firm have aimed to make it easier and as fair as possible for business owners to attain capital quickly and without the trickery that resulted in the economic downfall of mid-2008.

Rust says that the days of long approval times are over. "At IMCA," Rust said, "we can get you up to $100,000 in up to 4 days. That's completely unprecedented."

IMCA is also in the business of sustaining clients for future borrowing. "Sure, we're in the business of the business cash advance," Rust said, “but we're really in the business of keeping clients happy. If they're happy, they'll come back for future capital. Customer service and our product are in no way separate."

Rust added, "These days, you can't go for the one with the capital, smokes, and mirrors. IMCA exists to throw that era away and ring in lending with some degree of consciousness ...something that has been lacking in our industry for as long as I've been in it."