Michigan Trucks Battle to the End in MI Auto Times May the Best Truck Win Competition

Michigan trucks enter the third and final round of comparisons in the MI Auto Times May the Best Truck Win competition and the winner has taken the title.

Online PR News – 22-July-2010 – – DETROIT, M.I. – Michigan trucks entered the final round of the MI Auto Times Best Truck Win Competition. The final two trucks being evaluated by MI Auto Times editors were the GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and the Dodge Ram 1500 SLT.
Michigan trucks were evaluated in four different categories of factory warranty, comfort, value and power. The highest possible rating Michigan trucks can achieve in each category is four stars.
The results are in and the final winner in three rounds of evaluations completed on Michigan Trucks is the GMC Sierra. The GMC Sierra earned four stars in three of four categories, although it only beat the Dodge Ram in one category by only a quarter of a star.
When it came to power, value, factory warranty and comfort, the GMC Sierra was the better choice.
For value, the GMC Sierra’s national incentives made it a cheaper buy even though the Dodge Ram started out with a lower MSRP. Also, the GMC Sierra has On-Star which includes diagnostic tools to alert drivers to any mechanical issues before they require a major investment of cash.
Power measured output between both V8 engines. The GMC Sierra led the way with a slightly larger amount of displacement thanks to its 4.8-liter size compared with the 4.7-liter of the Dodge Ram. The GMC Sierra also had more towing capacity and payload.
Comfort measured all the interior elements, entertainment features and any other relevant technology to the vehicle’s interior. Two basic advantages of the GMC Sierra are more head room and leg room, and the GMC Sierra had many other advantages over the Dodge Ram such as premium cloth seats and leather wrapped steering wheel. Though the Dodge Ram comes with one year of SIRIUS Satellite radio and a three-month subscription to Uconnect, the GMC Sierra’s one year subscription to On-Star remains a better package offering because of all the services drivers will receive.
The warranty for the Dodge Ram is now a 5 year/100,000 mile which matches the GMC Sierra’s, but the Dodge Ram lacks any extended coverage for roadside assistance or courtesy pickup.
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1Dodge Ram National offers of $3,000 cash allowance or 0 percent APR only offered on Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab models according to Dodge Ram website. MI Auto Times rated Dodge Ram model is a regular cab and ineligible.