Doug Hammack Publishes Book 'Rethinking Our Story: Can We Still Be Christian in the Quantum Era?'

Author and minister, Doug Hammack, asks whether or not we can still be Christian in the quantum era in his new book, Rethinking Our Story, which is now available for sale on

Online PR News – 29-April-2014 – Raleigh/NC – Since he relocated to Raleigh in the mid 1990s, author and minister, Doug Hammack, has been asking hard questions related to Christianity and the struggles that the Christian church has been facing.

Hammack’s book, Rethinking Our Story, explores deep issues surrounding Christianity, the church and views on how Christians can help make the church a powerfully transformative presence in society once again. As Hammack states,

Yes we can the book concludes but we have to be

“Rethinking Our Story explores the fundamental question: “Can we still be Christian in the quantum era?” Yes, we can, the book concludes, but we have to be “quantum” Christians. We have to retell our story in terms that work in the world that is emerging around us.

In the last 100 years, quantum physics has disrupted the Reality we used to live in. It has changed our basic orientation to truth and existence. Most of us don’t understand quantum physics, we just know that the world we live in has become relative, uncertain, and illusory. The Christian story we tell, however, remains absolute, certain, and fixed. If we’re honest, telling the story the way we have isn’t even working for us as Christians.”

Rethinking Our Story: Can We Be Christian in the Quantum Era?

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About Doug Hammack

An author and minister, Doug Hammack has more than 20 years of experience in spiritual formation and leading spiritual communities. He holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of California, and earned both his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. Currently, he serves as a minister at the North Raleigh Community Church (NRCC) in Raleigh, NC.