Biocompatible Dentist Silvano Senn DDS Recognized By Local Community In 2014

Silvano Senn DDS, a dedicated biocompatible dentist, is honored by the local community for his contributions to the dental health of Rwandan orphans.

Online PR News – 28-April-2014 – Sebastopol, CA – Silvano Senn DDS, a local holistic dentist, has been recognized by the community for making valuable, lasting contributions to the dental health of many Rwandan orphans. Silvano Senn DDS enjoys making a difference for children across the world.

Silvano Senn DDS has been noted for his charitable contributions of time and expertise to the Rwandan community. A dentist in Sebastopol, CA, Silvano Senn DDS has provided invaluable dental assistance to Rwandan orphans in much need of quality dental care. Silvano also works to provide high-quality, cutting-edge dental treatments to his local community as a viable alternative to traditional methods.

Silvano Senn DDS employs biomimetic technology, the latest in alternative dental medicine, to better serve his patients. Those with cracked, badly-decayed and/or damaged teeth can receive many benefits of biomimetic treatments. Silvano Senn DDS employs this method because it offers patients a more cost efficient and less destructive dental alternative. Silvano Senn DDS knows the cost, both in terms of pain and money, long-term traditional methods can have. A biomimetic professional for many years, Silvano Senn DDS is committed to a greatly-improved patient experience. He believes in using the latest in available, minimally-invasive dental treatments.

Silvano Senn DDS is a highly-educated and well-trained biocompatible professional specializing in dental restorations, including, biomimetic restorations, biocompatibility testing and IAOMT protocol for mercury removal. Mercury-free dental treatment is a core value to Silvano Senn DDS. As someone dedicated to biocompatibility, Silvano Senn DDS works without end for safer, faster and more health-friendly dental treatments.

Silvano Senn DDS is a respected holistic dentist. He is both knowledgeable and skilled, relying on decades of experience and education. Silvano Senn DDS believes people should have the option of biocompatible treatments, which tend to be minimally invasive.

Silvano Senn DDS is a graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, where he earned his DDS in 1980. He completed his dental residency at UCSF in 1981, and furthered his education at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, where he earned his BCND in Naturopathy. Silvano Senn DDS is a longtime member of the Redwood Dental Society and the Holistic Dental Association.

Silvano Senn DDS is passionate about friendly, effective holistic dentistry. As a holistic dentist, Silvano Senn DDS achieves safe, environmentally-friendly and holistic dental treatments for every patient. Silvano Senn DDS gives patients holistic treatments that are gentle, comfortable and always mercury-free. Restoring the natural luster and beauty to people’s smiles is of paramount importance to Silvano Senn DDS. His goal is to seek healthier, better-looking and longer-lasting smiles for all his patients.

Silvano Senn DDS has a love for the environment that is reflected in his activism. Silvano Senn DDS and his practice are committed to sustaining the environment and to environmentally-conscious business practices. His patients appreciate the time and care Silvano Senn DDS takes to ensure an open, friendly and eco-conscious office environment. Keeping mercury and unsustainable, unhealthy dental materials such as x-ray fixer out of his practice are just one way he shows his commitment to a clean and healthier world.

Silvano Senn DDS is committed to the implementation of healthy and environmentally-sound dental treatments. Silvano Senn DDS is a firm believer is better, more efficient dental treatments to create a better experience.