Ann Marie Puig adding Momentum to the Technology Wheel in Costa Rica
25 April 2014
Some parts of the world are so remote that many towns and villages in these regions do not even have what city folk consider to be the basics of living in the 21st century. Healthcare might be an alien concept and schools might not have supplies and these areas might be so remote that technological advancements like computers might just be a vague concept. Creating awareness and taking essential services to these areas is something that the governments of countries work very hard at. But they too need some fuel to keep them going. Fortunately, there are a handful of aware and willing people who are eager to do their bit for the country. Ann Marie Puig, the millionaire is one such person, who cannot go without a mention. In a steadfast manner, this exceptional woman, with her philanthropic pursuits, is determined to make a difference in the lives of underserved Costa Ricans. She stops at nothing, fears no one and strongly believes that the only person, who can occupy her generosity, is herself. She seeks no approval and is modest with all her donation work. Over the years, the one thing that has become clear is that when it comes to the matter of giving, Ann Marie Puig will stop at nothing. She feels that people are locked inside greed unless they express their charity. And she is unstoppable and fierce in all her charity work. Her association with LINCOS stems from a deep desire to do something meaningful for the people of Costa Rica, introduce them to the basics of technological advancements and improve their quality of life. The recycled shipping containers that she had donated will be converted into wired digital community centers. LINCOS is short for Little Intelligent Communities and very aptly so. Good Deeds Indeed And when a person of Anne Marie Puig’s stature gets involved in a project such as this one, it immediately gets the exposure it needs and moves forth at a clipping pace. Interestingly, very few know that Ann Marie Puig is involved in numerous philanthropic activities. Just like many notable philanthropists before her, she does not wish to call attention to the good deed that she has done. In her opinion, it dilutes the essence of the deed and it dons a cloak of a self-serving one. She feels that touting her charitable actions is akin to patting herself on her back and also fishing for those around you to do exactly the same thing. Many people put up sophisticated facades but they are no more than a shadow of people like Anne Marie Puig, whose selflessness is blemish-free. She gives silently and consistently and hopes neither for praise nor reward and that is what makes her a truly generous person. And so, little school children and adults who aspire to learn will now have access to internet services and will get some exposure to modern learning methods. Thanks to a determined and generous lady named Anne Marie Puig. LINCOS is a project involved in sustainable development across Costa Rica. It focuses on expansion of opportunities in the rural regions for the development of community by providing them with communications and information technologies.