From the Producers and Birbeck’s Brewing Company Announces Direct Distribution to Consumers

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Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – Adelaide, Australia – Birbeck’s Brewing Company has partnered with one of the newest non-profit organization which focuses on the distribution of local and home grown products. From the Producers is based in Victoria, Australia and is moving forward to gathering more local companies including Birbeck’s Brewing Company. From the Producer is also seeking more local producers to work with them in order to distribute and have their products reach the homes of many Australians.

By partnering with From the Producer, it allows for Birbeck’s Brewery to connect with a wider audience than would otherwise be possible. Birbeck’s Brewing Company included three of their best craft beers on the From the Producer’s website. Given the opportunity, it also opens doors for the brewer to create more products and sell it to many people.

About From the Producers

From the Producers has already acquired many homegrown products and partnered with different companies as the organization is non-profit. The vision is to market locally made products and the profit is directed to the producers.

This move has allowed for small range companies who are looking for a method to advertise or market their products without any cost. From the Producers allows producers to register with them and promote their products connecting them with consumers that have an interest in supporting small producers.

From the Producers welcome not only those of beer products but all forms of products as long as the company is a member of their respective industry association. It is also emphasized by the company that the products to be promoted should only be local and not imported. For more information, visit

About Birbeck’s Brewery

In the shadows of the Yorkshire Dales in northwest England, a stream passes through a birch wood. Known as ‘birki-bekr’ in Old Norse, this gave rise to the name Birbeck which was adopted by the family who called this rugged moorland home. With brewing in his veins, William Birbeck came to Australia in the mid 1800’s starting the family journey towards Birbeck’s Brewing first release in 2012. Birbeck’s are passionate about the production of innovative Australian craft beers that are suitable for the Australian climate and palate. Birbeck’s beers are balanced, easy drinking and approachable with a strong craft beer flair; born from founder Jared Birbeck’s home brewing passion. Birbeck’s Brewing are redefining Australian beer by offering beers based on international beer styles - reinvented to take Australian beer from the ordinary to the extraordinary, while telling the story of the Birbeck family from its Norse heritage to today.