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That is exactly where steps in reflecting the features of true India. Whatever information you might be looking for about the vast country, its religion, culture.

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India – 25.04.2014 – If you are looking for planning your visit to important pilgrimage places in India then you must have adequate information about various temples in India that constitute not only the pilgrimage places as well as some of the best tourist destinations in the country. Having adequate information about these locations in India will help visitors make informed decision about their visits to various places of interest and plan their itinerary accordingly.

Indian temples represent various facets of the religions of India and they have many things in store for the travelers and visitors. Just visiting them may not be enough. Instead getting comprehensive information about them could be very useful for the visitor who will appreciate the true features of architectural excellences as well as representation of true Indian heritage and culture by these temples and pilgrimage places. Apart from this there are a few other issues that need to be resolved like accommodation, foods and beverages, and transportation and convenient place to make the center point of their itinerary.

Many people travelling India also desire to have a feel of the unique Indian rituals that form integral part of the Indian religions as well. What these people require is a comprehensive, qualitative, informative, and educative website that will offer them with all they desire to know about their destinations in particular and the sub continent in general.

That is exactly where steps in reflecting the features of true India. Whatever information you might be looking for about the vast country, its religion, culture, and heritage and about India travel, the website offers everything you desire to know. That is why it is equally useful for both inland and overseas visitors seeking to know the true India and its culture and heritage.

An Indian portal that aims to reflect the true features of India; appeared on the web back in the year 1998. Few other places are there where one can find so much information about the past, present, and all aspects of the real India, a great country from all angles.

“We started to provide visitors and travelers comprehensive and complete as well as updated information about the country, its culture, heritage, arts, crafts, religion, places of interests, people, travel destinations, and all that a visitor would be interested in learning about any part of the country. Our contents on the site is not limited to these alone but we have added huge quantities of original contents relating to herbal ayurvedic medicines, industries, business, news, entertainment, yoga, and above all; India travel” for our viewers.”, comments one of the co-developers of the site.

Originally conceived by Nirmala Stanley; the site has several co-developers now who works in tandem with the creator to reflect all affairs of the vast country on a day-to-day basis. Towards this end the site has initiated its online news channel since 2009 in association with ANI that focuses on India and all its affairs with special focus on Indian religion.

Few can ignore the immense value that the highly informative site has if he or she hopes to take an informed decision. Make sure to browse through the online portal at their web presence at, today!

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