iVoiceOver Launches new animated Video explaining the benefits of voice overs

Vinimation.com, one of the best animation video design companies used in the UK, has recently created a professional and well-designed video for ivoiceover.co.uk, allowing the latter to further promote its services to potential clients.

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – London, UK – London, UK – Vinimation.com, one of the best animation video design companies used in the UK, has recently created a professional and well-designed video for ivoiceover.co.uk, allowing the latter to further promote its services to potential clients. With this video, iVoiceOver will be able to attract many more leads and convert them into loyal customers. Moreover, they will be able to present their services through this short one minute and a half video.

In the last few years the UK has seen a significant improvement in recording software. The voice over industry has literally boomed in many European countries. Today, everyone connected to the Internet can easily have access to voice over specialists. Small businesses, large corporations or affiliate marketers can now capitalize on the benefits of choosing the services offered by ivoiceover.co.uk, being able to promote their brands through audio recordings. Choosing the correct voice and tone are of paramount importance for any corporation that wants to attract their customers and improve their experience.

According to a recent survey, over 70% of all businesses calls in the UK are placed on hold for more than one minute. That minute is very important for the client who is waiting. People waiting are usually annoyed by the voice repeating itself. This is exactly what iVoiceOver tries to avoid – customer annoyance.

In order to promote their services more professionally, iVoiceOver started to cooperate with Vinimation. The latter has just created a smashing video in order to boost iVoiceOver’s search engine rank, increase the number of leads and boost conversion rates. This video is aimed to give iVoiceOver’s website a more personal appeal, increase its reputation online and make it more relevant for its target niche.

The video describes the difficult process of hiring a professional voice over artist. A few years ago, this involved hiring a studio by the hour and spending precious time looking for someone with a fairly good voice. Today, anyone can have his best voice talent with just a few clicks of the mouse. The video also presents the simplified system designed by iVoiceOver. With this tool, companies and people alike can find the right voice from a never ending database. Each voice is handpicked, so the client can have the assurance that he is working with professionals. Additionally, the video presents the website of iVoiceOver, its features, providing step-by-step instructions on how clients can find the right voice artist for their needs.

This video was started in March and completed in April 2014. It contains some of the best British male and female voiceovers. iVoiceOver was closely involved in the creation process, from concept to storyboards including providing the voiceovers for the video. According to the manager of iVoiceOver, this video is “stunningly designed and perfectly created”. He is sure that this animation video will bring in additional customers eager to test the services provided by this company.

Vinimation, the designers of this unique video, is a respected company in the UK business world. Their aim is to create top-quality animation videos and engaging video content that will be used by small and large companies that want to promote their brand, present a new product just released or inform customers of a new update. All the animation videos created by Vinimation.com are extremely engaging and captivating, allowing customers to gain more faith and confidence in the brand promoted in the video. Their services include corporate style videos, explainer, promo, logo intro, white-board style and web style animations.

Vinimation.com has dealt with over 700 customers so far, so they are quite versed in creating top-quality videos that are both funny and professional. Business clients who want to order their own video, just like iVoiceOver.co.uk did, can choose their favorite style of video in the animation tab. After they buy the video via paypal, they will be required to send a script of the video and some basic ideas. Upon receiving the script, images and extras, the creative guys from Vinimation will start the brainstorming process. After a few days of syncing and animating, they will send the final video back to the buyer. During this process, the client can keep in contact with the video designers from Vinimation in order to make sure everything goes by the book.

The new video can be seen online here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KwZ1DXuwAo

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